Faa amt airframe questions 13

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Faa amt airframe questions 13

faa study guide

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The strength of a well-designed and properly prepared wood splice joint is provided by the, bearing surface of the wood fibers. glue. reinforcement plates.
The purpose of restrictors in hydraulic systems is to, control the rate of movement of hydraulically operated mechanisms. allow the flow of fluid in one direction only. lower the operating pressure of selected components.
One advantage of electrical and electronic fuel quantity indicating systems is that the indicator, can be located any distance from the tank(s). has no movable devices. always measures volume instead of mass.
The angle of incidence of an airplane, affects the dihedral of the wings. is that angle between the relative wind and the chord of the wing. does not change in flight.
What may be used as a lubricant on oxygen system tapered pipe thread connections? Silicone dielectric compound. Glycerine. Teflon tape.
Fabric rejuvenator, restores the condition of dope coatings. restores fabric strength and tautness to at least the minimum acceptable level. penetrates the fabric and restores fungicidal resistance.
An aircraft that is required by Section 91.409, to have a 100-hour inspection may be flown beyond the inspection requirement, if necessary to reach a place at which the inspection can be accomplished, but not to exceed 10 flight hours. if necessary to reach a place at which the inspection can be accomplished, but a special flight permit is necessary. if necessary to reach a place at which the inspection can be accomplished, but not to exceed 15 flight hours.
The pneumatic (reed) type stall warning system installed in some light aircraft is activated by, static air pressure. positive air pressure. negative air pressure.
The vertical flight of a helicopter is controlled by, collective pitch changes. cyclic pitch changes. increasing or decreasing the RPM of the main rotor.
Longitudinal (fore and aft) structural members of a semi-monocoque fuselage are called, spars and ribs. longerons and stringers. spars and stringers.
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