Faa powerplant questions 01

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Faa powerplant questions 01


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Some engine manufacturers of twin spool gas turbine engines identify turbine discharge pressure in their maintenance manuals as: Tt7. Pt7. Pt2.
In a high tension ignition system, a primary capacitor of too low a capacity will cause: excessively high secondary voltage. the breaker contacts to burn. excessive primary voltage.
A clicking sound heard at engine coast-down in a pneumatic starter incorporating a sprag clutch ratchet assembly is an indication of: the pawls re-contacting and riding on the ratchet gear. one or more broken pawl springs. gear tooth and/or pawl damage.
The fuel metering force of a conventional float type carburetor in its normal operating range is the difference between the pressure acting on the discharge nozzle located within the venturi and the pressure: acting on the fuel in the float chamber. of the fuel as it enters the carburetor. of the air as it enters the venturi (impact pressure).
The stators in the turbine section of a gas turbine engine: increase the pressure of the gas flow. decrease the velocity of the gas flow. increase the velocity of the gas flow.
When selecting an electrical switch for installation in an aircraft circuit utilizing a direct current motor, a switch designed for dc should be chosen. only switches with screw type terminal connections should be used. a derating factor should be applied.
The exhaust section of a turbine engine is designed to: decrease temperature, therefore decreasing pressure. increase temperature, therefore increasing velocity. impart a high exit velocity to the exhaust gases.
In a turbine engine with a dual spool compressor, the low speed compressor: seeks its own best operating speed. always turns at the same speed as the high speed compressor. is connected directly to the high speed compressor.
Excessive valve clearances will cause the duration of valve opening to: increase for both intake and exhaust valves. decrease for both intake and exhaust valves. decrease for intake valves and increase for exhaust valves.
At what engine speed does the main metering jet actually function as a metering jet in a float type carburetor? Cruising RPM only. All RPM's. All RPM's above idle range.
(Refer to figure 5.) Which malfunctions will allow the igniters to operate when tested but be inoperative during a start attempt? 1- conductor no.10 broken 2- conductor no.11 broken 3- ignition relay inoperative 4- conductor no.12 broken 1 or 3 1 or 4 2 or 3.
The volume of a cylinder equals 70 cubic inches when the piston is at bottom center. When the piston is at the top of the cylinder, the volume equals 10 cubic inches. What is the compression ratio? 1:7 7:10 7:1.
The abbreviation "P" with subscript t7 used in turbine engine terminology means: the total inlet pressure pressure and temperature at station no.7 the total pressure at station no.7.
An increase in manifold pressure with a constant RPM will cause the bearing load in an engine to: decrease increase remain relatively constant.
Which of the following results in a decrease in volumetric efficiency? short intake pipes of large diameter part throttle operation cylinder head temperature too low.
Repair of exhaust system components: is impossible because the material cannot be identified must be accomplished by the component manufacturer is not recommended to be accomplished in the field.
If a flanged propeller shaft has dowel pins: the propeller can be installed in only one position check carefully for front cone bottoming against the pins install the propeller so that the blades are positioned for hand propping.
The underside of pistons are frequantly finned. The principal reason is to: support ring grooves and piston pins provide sludge chambers and sediment traps provide for greater heat transfer to the engine oil.
Which of the following component inspections is to be accomplished on a 100-hour inspection? check internal timing of magneto chack valve timing check cylinder compression.
After spark plugs from an opposed engine have been serviced, in what position should they be installed? next in firing order to the one from which they were removed next in firing order to the one from which they were removed and swapped bottom to top swapped bottom to top.
How should corrosion resistant steel parts such as exhaust collectors be blast cleaned? use super fine granite grit use steel grit which has not previously been used on soft iron use sand which has not previously been used on iron or steel.
A punctured float in a float type carburetor will cause the fuel level to: lower, and enrich the mixture rise, and enrich the mixture rise, and lean the mixture.
Where are cooling fins usually located on air cooled engines? cylinder head, cylinder walls, and inside the piston cylinder head, cylinder barrel, and inside the piston exhaust side of the cylinder head, inside the pistons, and connecting rods.
Fuel scheduling during APU start and under varying pneumatic bleed and electrical loads is maintained: manually through power control lever position automatically by an aircraft main engine fuel control unit automatically by the APU fuel control system.
Aircraft cooper electrical wire is coated with tin, silver, or nickel is order to: prevent oxidation improve conductivity add strength.
During engine operation at speeds lower than those for which the constant speed propeller control can govern in the INCREASE RPM position, the propeller will: remain in the full LOW PITCH position maintain engine RPM in the normal manner until the HIGH PITCH stop is reached remain in the full HIGH PITCH position.
How is the oil collected by the piston oil ring returned to the crakcase? through holes drilled in the piston oil ring grooves down vertical slots cut in the piston wall between the piston oil ring groove and the piston skirt through holes drilled in the piston pin recess.
Which Federal Aviation Regulation specifies that each resettable circuit protective device requires a manual operation to restore service after the device has interrupted the circuit? 14 CFR Part 43. 14 CFR Part 23. 14 CFR Part 91.
A fire detection system that operates on the rate of temperature rise is a: continuous loop system. thermal switch system. thermocouple system.
Why do turbine engine ignition systems require high energy? To ignite the fuel under conditions of high altitude and high temperatures. To ignite the fuel under conditions of high altitude and low temperatures. Because the applied voltage is much greater.
To what altitude will a turbo charged engine maintain sea level pressure? Critical altitude. Pressure altitude. Service ceiling.
In order to relieve excessive pump pressure in an engine's internal oil system, most engines are equipped with a: bypass valve. relief valve. vent.
A reciprocating engine automatic mixture control responds to changes in air density caused by changes in: altitude only. altitude or humidity. altitude or temperature.
In a four stroke cycle aircraft engine, when does the ignition event take place? After the piston reaches TDC on compression stroke. After the piston reaches TDC on power stroke. Before the piston reaches TDC on compression stroke.
When the switch is off in a battery ignition system, the primary circuit is: opened. grounded. shorted.
Which statement is generally true regarding thrust reverser systems? Mechanical blockage system design permits a deployment position aft of the exhaust nozzle only. It is possible to move some aircraft backward on the ground using reverse thrust. Engine thrust reversers on the same aircraft usually will not operate independently of each other (must all be simultaneously).
What is the purpose of the check valve generally used in a dry sump lubrication system? To prevent the oil from the pressure pump from entering the scavenger system. To prevent the scavenger pump from losing its prime. To prevent the oil from the supply tank from seeping into the crankcase during inoperative periods.
Compared to normally aspirated engines, turbocharged engine exhaust systems operated at: similar temperatures and higher pressures similar temperatures and pressures higher temperatures and higher pressures.
Aircraft electrical wire size is measured according to the: technical standard order system american wire gauge system military specification system.
The most satisfactory extinguishing agent for an electrical fire is: methyl bromide carbon tetrachloride carbon dioxide.
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