Sap fi transaction codes - enterprise structure

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Sap fi transaction codes - enterprise structure

SAP FI Transaction codes / SAP FI T codes

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Creation of Company .
Creation of Company Code.
Assign Company Code to Company .
Creation of Business Areas .
Creation of Fiscal Year Variant .
Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant .
Creation of Chart of Accounts .
Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts .
Define Account Groups .
Define Retained Earnings Account .
Define Posting Period Variant.
Assign Company Code to Posting Period Variant.
Open and Close Posting Periods.
Define Document Types.
Define Number Ranges.
Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts  .
Define Tolerance Groups for Employees .
Assign Users to Tolerance Groups.
Define Field Status Variants.
Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants.
Assign Country to Calculation Procedure.
Enter Global Parameters.
Creation of G/L Account Centrally.
G/L Document Posting.
G/L Account Posting - Enjoy Transaction.
Display Document.
Change Document.
Display G/L Account Balances.
Display G/L Account Balances for Open Item Managed A/cs.
Copy Company Code Settings from one Company Code to another.
To see the changes in the G/L Account Master.
Define Posting Keys.
Post Parked Documents.
Individual Reversal.
Mass Reversal.
Post Parked Documents 1.
Individual Reversal 1.
Mass Reversal 1.
Reversal of a Cleared Item.
Creation of Vendor Accounts Groups.
Creation of Number Ranges for Vendor Account Groups.
Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups.
Maintain Customer/Vendor Tolerance Groups.
Creation of Vendor Master.
Posting of Vendor Invoice.
Posting Outgoing Payment.
Posting Vendor Invoice - Enjoy Transaction.
To View Vendor Account.
Vendor Credit Memo.
Vendor Credit Memo - Enjoy Transaction.
Cross Company / Inter Company Transactions.
Creation of House Bank and Assign G/L A/c in House Bank.
Down Payment Request (Noted Item).
Down Payment Made.
Transfer of Advance from Special G/L to Normal by clearing Special G/L A/c.
Automatic Payment Program.
What is IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards International Finance Reporting Standards International Financial Reporting Standard.
Financial Statement Version (F.01 and).
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