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Test-1 in sap fi


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1. The opening and closing of posting periods happens automatically. TRUE FALSE.
2. Not more than two periods can be open at the same time TRUE FALSE.
3. The authorization group in the posting period variant applies only to the Special periods TRUE FALSE.
Field status group controls the field display during document entry. TRUE FALSE.
Every company code may define its own document types which cannot be used by other company codes.______________ TRUE FALSE.
Posting keys are defined at client level. _______________ TRUE FALSE.
At the beginning of a new fiscal year the system always starts the document numbering again at the lower limit of the number range TRUE FALSE.
Document number ranges must not overlap. TRUE FALSE.
You can assign a company code to a business area TRUE FALSE.
Every company code may define its own document number ranges. TRUE FALSE.
What is the maximum number of sessions you(USER) can have open simultaneously? 6 5 1 3.
The central organizational element of Financial Accounting. COMPANY COMPANYCODE CREDIT CONTROL AREA FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AREA.
The variant principle is a three step method used in R/3 to assign special properties to one or more R/3 objects. The steps are: Define the variant,Populate the variant with values,Assign the variant to R/3-objects. Define and assign the variant to company code ,populate the values.
The system derives the posting period from the-------- Document date Posting date value date Entry date.
At the document header level, R/3 checks the periods that are allocated to the account type S A + M.
Match the standard document types in financial accounting customer invoice gl posting vendor invoice.
Document type controls line item Document header document header & line item.
______________variant controls whether or not it is possible to post to a given period or periods within either a single company code or a group of company codes. Fiscal year variant posting period varaint Tolerance groups Field status varaint.
__________groups contain limits for amounts and discounts up to which accountants are authorized to post. Account groups Field status group Tolerance group.
Major control functions of posting key Determination of which account type can be posted to. Side of the account (debit or credit). Field status of additional data. None of the above.
The standard posting keys for G/L account postings and on which side of the account do they post to? 40- debit ,50--credit 40--credit , 50 ---debit 40--debit ,,31--credit 01-debit,,50-credit.
A chart of accounts can be used by Multiple co-code Single co-code.
Postings are always stored in _____________ form. Account Document Company code Program.
A complete Vendor account consists of the following three segments : General data at the client level Sales area segment Company code segment Purchase area segment.
A complete customer account consists of the following three segments : Sales Segment purchasing segment company code segment general data segment.
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