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What are the key benefits of using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with SAP HANA? A. You do not need to create your own queries to access Information. B. You can easily create your own queries to access Information. C. You can access Information for data discovery intuitively. D. You can execute ad-hoc business analytics quickly. E. You can easily create an IDT business layer.
You are implementing the SAP CO-PA Accelerator to enable real-time profitability reporting. Which configuration steps must you do? A. Activate continuous data Replication of tables CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE4xxxx. B. Configure the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Replication jobs. C. Install the SAP HANA database clients on all SAP ERP application servers. D. Build Attribute and analytic views in SAP HANA. E. Create a secondary database connection in SAP ERP.
What is the advantage of reporting directly from column tables? A. It provides multi-language support B. It eliminates the need for additional modeling C. It shifts complex calculations and logic to SAP HANA D. It supports analytical privileges.
In SAP HANA, which join type yields the same results as a Referential join when fields from both tables are Selected? A. Left outer join B. Full outer join C. Inner join D. Temporal join.
Which of the following Tools can you use to monitor the query tie from SAP HANA? A. Central Management Console B. Performance tab of the System Monitor C. Event Viewer D. SQL Trace.
When you use SLT Replication, which of the following determines the name of the SAP HANA schema where replicated data is stored? A. The name of the secondary database connection B. The name of the Replication configuration C. The name of the source System schema D. The name of the RFC connection.
Which of the following can be part of an analytic view? A. Query transformation B. Unions C. Logical joins D. Data foundation E. Attributes.
Which of the following authentication methods are supported for Single Sign-On for SAP HANA? A. Kerberos B. LDAP over SSL C. Secure Network Communication (SNC) D. SAML CAS (Central Authentication Service).
Which tasks do you have to perform if you want to use SAP BW with SAP HANA as the underlying database? A. Install SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA). B. Perform a database migration from your current DB to SAP HANA DB. C. Execute the report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION. D. Upgrade to at least SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.30 SP5. E. Recreate SAP BW indexes after SAP HANA database migration.
What is the purpose of a template table in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services? A. To create pre-designed Information models B. To fill an existing target table with new data C. To read source data and perform data transformations D. To create a target table and fill this table with data.
Which of the following must you do in order to use SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on SAP HANA data? A. Create a delivery unit. B. Create a business layer. C. Create an Information model. D. Create an Information space.
You have an SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) on SAP HANA System installed on multiple nodes. Which of the following Information objects are stored on the master node? A. SAP NetWeaver BW master data tables B. DataStore Objects (DSOs) C. ABAP System tables D. Persistent Staging Area (PSA) tables.
You are Building a calculation view and want to select data from an analytic view. How can you achieve better performance for this requirement? A. Use CE Functions B. Use SQL statements C. Use L programming D. Use table indexing.
Where can you deploy the column view of a decision table? A. In SAP Visual Intelligence B. In Microsoft Excel C. In calculation views D. In analytic views.
A company loads data every night from several source Systems into multiple tables in SAP HANA using complex transformation rules. The calculation view that joins these tables performs unexpectedly slow. Which of the following could you investigate to be able to improve performance? A. Whether the joins and transformations of the tables can be moved to the data loading process of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. B. Whether an InfoCube compression is running. C. Whether the calculation view needs to create large intermediate result sets. D. Whether savepoints are written during execution.
Two Attribute views in the same analytic view contain the same column name: the ID from the Customer Attribute view and the ID from the Product Attribute view. In the output, the System automatically renamed one column to ID_1. You want to indicate that ID_1 originated from the Product Attribute view by renaming it to ID_PRODUCT. Where in the Attribute properties of ID_1 can you change this? A. In the alias label B. In the label C. In the alias name D. In the name.
Union can be performed Only at... A. Analytic B. Attribute C. Calculation D. Analytic / Calculation.
You create a role with the following command: CREATE ROLE "InfoUser" When you try to assign this role to user PETER with the following command: GRANT InfoUser to PETER you receive an error message "Invalid user privilege: INFOUSER". What must you do to avoid this problem? A. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE InfoUser. B. Recreate user PETER with GRANT OPTION. C. Grant the role the WITH ADMIN OPTION. D. Recreate the role with the command CREATE ROLE INFOUSER. E. Grant the role with the command GRANT "InfoUser" to PETER.
Which of the following nodes can you use when you create a calculation view with the SAP HANA studio graphical interface? A. Data Foundation B. Aggregation C. Join D. Analytic Privilege.
Which security settings can you apply in analytic privileges? A. Grant access to analytic views. B. Restrict access within an analytic view using measure values. C. Restrict access within an analytic view using Attribute values. D. Restrict access to hierarchies.
Which of the following is used to make hierarchies available to reporting Tools? A. CE Functions B. MDX C. SQLScript D. SQL.
Which transaction is used for releasing extractors specified by the customers in SLT? A. RODPS_OS_OPEN B. RODPS_OS_CLOSE C. RODPS_OS_EXPOSE D. RODPS_OS.
When you try to delete an Attribute view you receive the error message "One or more objects are dependent upon this object". Which of the following Functions can you use to find out which objects depend on this view? A. History Function B. Auto Documentation Function C. Display XML Function D. Where-Used Function.
Company needs to load external data from a fat file into SAP HANA. How can you do this? A. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) B. SAP System Landscape Transformation (SLT) C. SAP HANA SQL Import statement D. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.
Which of the following can be grouped when multiple schemas exist in an SAP HANA database? A. Information models B. Data tables C. Packages D. Users.
How can you improve the performance of an Information model? A. Use generated columns. B. Use analytic views wherever possible. C. Use indexes on all measures. D. Use Attribute views wherever possible. E. Use constraint filters.
Which of the following are phases of an SAP rapid-deployment solution (RDS)? A. Start B. Blueprint C. Deploy D. Run E. Realization.
Which of the following automatically aggregates data? A. Analytic view B. Calculation view C. Column table D. Attribute view.
Which of the following can you use as a source for a graphical calculation view? A. Calculation view B. SQL view C. Decision table D. Table E. Procedure.
For which SAP HANA data types is a FULLTEXT index created automatically during table creation? A. TEXT B. SHORTTEXT C. VARCHAR D. NCLOB.
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