410 - Unit 10

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410 - Unit 10

410 - Unit 10

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Name the steps in the Order to Cash process, in order. There are 4.
Goods issue occurs at what point in the Order to Cash Process?.
The ____ document is the sales and distribution document that acts as the basis for creating invoices. billing delivery picking good issue.
Sales Org data must be maintained on the _____ record.
Customer Master BP role is created by _____, _____, and _____.
Prices, freight, taxes, and additional surcharges / discounts are held where?.
Each Sales Order document contains 3 parts. Name them.
Default values that are copied into Sales Order documents at the time of creation to reduce manual entry are called:.
What are the mandatory partner functions? There are 4.
You can only have one partner for the same partner function in the buiness partner record. True False.
Automatic pricing in sales orders is done using ______.
Where is the availability check controlled during order processing?.
Shows missing field data that is required for the sales order - displayed automatically when saved or you can manually call it up.
Output types include quotations, order confirmations, and invoices. This is controlled by _____.
The Order to Cash equivalent to the Purchasing Req in Procure to Pay is the _______ document.
Normally, you include a _____ on the Sales Order record that links it to Procure to Pay process.
You trigger shipping activities by creating ____. deliveries shipping notices sales orders billing documents.
The responsible organizational unit for creating deliveries: shipping point sales area storage location ship to partner function.
Shipping points are assigned to: plant warehouse sales org dock.
The shipping point cannot be changed in the outbound delivery. True False.
Before an order can be delivered, it needs a: ship-to plant shipping line bill-to acceptance notice.
Outbound deliveries can be created: ______: single document, with or without reference to a sales order ______: many documents, either online or batch processing.
The process of preparing or providing goods for delivery to the customer with special attention paid to dates, quantity, and quality. Picking Loading Shipping Billing.
The delivery quantity and the pick quantity in the outbound delivery must be the same. True False.
When you post goods issue, the system automatically performs the following tasks: FI doc CO doc Material doc Billing list due Delivery note Order confirmation.
When you create a billing document, data is copied from the ____ and the _____ to the billing document.
What sales and distribution document helps you to generate invoices? Billing Picking Delivery Goods Issue.
During the billing process, the System system carries out the following tasks: ● ___ posting on the customer receivables account ● ___ posting on the revenue account Debit, Credit Credit, Debit.
The system can only create one outbound delivery per billing document. True False.
What document updates CO-PA? Billing Outbound Delivery Goods Issue Payment.
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