410 - Unit 11

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410 - Unit 11

410 - Unit 11

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Projects have precise targets that are agreed on between the ____ and the ____ party.
Projects are usually: Complex and precise General in scope Limited duration Long term in duration Involve several departments Involve a specific department.
WBS Elements are: Responsibility oriented org units Process oriented org units.
Activities are: Responsibility oriented org units Process oriented org units.
The WBS Elements to Activities relationship is ___ to ___. 1 to many many to 1 1 to 1 many to many.
Use the _____ to maintain any object in the project structure.
What is this screen?.
You use ______ to define the characteristics of a WBS element and to specify which tasks are performed by the WBS element when the project is being executed.
A WBS element can be one of three types of Operative Indicators. Pick them. Planning elements Account assignment elements Billing elements Revenue elements Secondary elements Sales elements.
You want to use an existing project as a template and copy parts over to the new project using Project Builder. Which objects will be copied over? Operative Objects Real Objects Statistical Objects Open Objects.
Use the SAP ___ in the project structure to assign document info records to WBS elements and activities.
You can have either internally or externally processed activites on a network. In internally processed, you evaluate, reschedule capacities, and distribute the task among employees by what org unit?.
Networks are always scheduled forward. True False.
In the scheduling parameters, the scheduling type specifies the direction in which you begin scheduling. The difference between the earliest and the latest dates of an activity is referred to as a ____. float pad differential gap.
In scheduling, if the float is ___, the activity is critical.
Cost Planning in WBS Elements: Structure-oriented Detailed Unit costing Easy Cost Planning.
The budget differs from the project cost plan in that it is ____.
The budget cycle: _____ --> _____ --> _____ --> _____.
Where do you specify whether funds are assigned as lump values or are distributed by year? budget profile WBS element project planner planning board.
_____ establish the link between PS and Sales and Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), and Production Planning and Control (PP).
Nonstock items cannot be managed as project stock or sales order stock. True False.
Stock Item - requires a MRP reservation / planned order L N.
Non-Stock Item - requires a purchase req L N.
Which statuses will allow you to enter the actual start and end dates for WBS elements? Partially Released Released Locked Technically Complete Closed.
CATS is used in CO for: Internal allocations profit center accounting cost center controlling profitability analysis.
How can you add worked hours to a project? There are 2 options. Record in CATS Project Confirmation Project Release Technically Complete.
Line these up: Goods Receipt Purchase Order Purchase Requisition Invoice Receipt.
The Goods Receipt for Services involves 2 steps:.
A periodic valuation of the project is performed. Which step of period end close in PS is this? Results Analysis Progress Analysis Settlement Incoming Orders.
Costs or revenues are transferred. Which step in period end close in PS is this? Settlement Results Analysis Incoming Orders Billing.
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