410 - Unit 7 Part 2

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410 - Unit 7 Part 2

410 - Unit 7 Part 2

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On the left is a ______ material. On the right is a ______ material.
Stock material needs a material master record. You do not specify an account assignment category in the purchase order. The material master record determines the account assignment based on _______. The system posts the stock value to a stock account during ______.
In the procure to pay process, a purchase requisition and a purchase order only integrate with Management Accounting for _______. Stock materials Consumable materials.
You can minimize data entry time by creating PO items with reference to 4 things. What are they?.
You created a PR, then used it as a reference to a PO. You included an internal order on the PR and PO. So, what should the entry in CO be recorded as? (Hint: it's a consumable material).
Allows for the location of new suppliers, the streamlining of transaction processes, and the realization of savings with cloud-based procurement software. It supports the entire source-to-pay process. What is this referring to?.
When a GR is recorded against a PO, the following details are checked:.
When you post a GR for a PO, the system automatically updates the _____ tab in the line item details of the PO.
You always use movement type ____ to post GRs for a PO to valuated stock.
Only _____ GR's post an accounting document.
You can post a goods receipt for the warehouse to the following stock types: ● Unrestricted-use stock ● Quality inspection stock ● Blocked stock Which type or types are unavailable for withdrawal for consumption? Unrestricted Stock Quality Inspection Stock Blocked Stock.
If a valuated stock is transferred within a single plant, is there a FI document generated? Yes No.
When a valuated stock is moved, the system determines the company code for the generated FI doc based on what? plant purchasing org cost center warehouse.
Align these - docs that occur with a Goods Receipt of a valuated stock. Material doc Accounting doc.
What movement type is for Goods Receipt on a valuated stock?.
You use ____ to enter vendor invoices as well as vendor credit memos that relate to a PO.
Creating an LIV with reference: Other than PO used as a reference, what else can be used? 1: 2:.
Corporate groups may have a requirement to create balance sheets at the segment level. Segment is assigned to the expense line for consumables during payment, or to the stock line for valuated material, but not to the vendor payment line. So to create the balance sheet by segment, what must be utilized?.
The final step of the Procure to Pay is what? What 3 things are done?.
What organizational levels do you enter data for in the vendor master record? Client Purchasing Org Company Code Purchasing Group Cost Center.
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