410 - Unit 8

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410 - Unit 8

410 - Unit 8

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Each plant must contain at least one storage location. True False.
Although EWM has nothing to do with the SAP Warehouse Management application, both use a “warehouse number”. True False.
In the ERP system, the warehouse number is a ___character field but in EWM, it is a ___character field.
To activate warehouse management in the ERP system, a plant and a storage location (for that plant) is linked with the respective _____.
In EWM, the org structure is as follows: ____ > ____> ____.
Top level of EWM org structure:.
Lowest level of EWM org structure:.
Middle level of EWM org structure:.
If stock is kept in a storage bin, the quantity of stock in that bin is represented as a: quant bulk batch set.
EWM replaced SAP ERP WM. True False.
Which viable solution provides links to external processes such as contract packaging or transportation? SAP ERP WM EWM.
Version of WM that does not manage by bin.
You can install an SAP system as an independent, decentralized Warehouse Management System in order: Improve performance Reduce risk of downtime Receive requests for goods movements from any Enterprise Resource Planning system Add user simplicity Allow greater use of CPU Remove latency.
Decentralized and centralized WM systems must be in communication. What is used to achieve this?.
From an ERP point of view, EWM is a _____ WM solution. This means that inbound and outbound deliveries are mandatory. centralized decentralized.
The _______ is another powerful tool that allows for supervision of warehouse employees, checking workloads, watching documents, alerts, etc. warehouse management monitor warehouse administrator warehouse watchlist warehouse management toolbag.
What is the strategic warehouse management solution for SAP S/4HANA?.
5 steps to the SAP EWM Outbound Process: ______ --> _______ --> _______ --> ______ --> ______ .
Defines the sequence of activities and process steps, and the layout of mobile device screens used in the EWM process.
The RF framework supports only Graphical User Interface (GUI) devices. True False.
Technology that allows the EWM employee to work hands free.
High tech tool used in EWM in which you have a view on the real world (in this case the warehouse), enhanced by computer information (for example to which bin the picker has to go to).
Name the 3 parts of the Warehouse Management Monitor Screen: 1: 2: 3:.
Warehouse request items are grouped in a ____ to be processed together at approximately the same time. Controls warehouse activities such as picking, stock transfers, and posting changes.
The ______ is SAP EWM master data.
Waves processing: waves can be which of the following? locked/unlocked merged released deleted posted activated.
The goal of _____ is to determine the best storage bin for a material.
Transfer postings - some create FI docs, some do not. Stock type to Stock type movement Material to material movement.
What movement type - used in STOs - is generally linked with a stock value change?.
Stock transfers - some create FI posting, some do not. SLoc to SLoc Plant to plant.
Cross-plant stock transfers can only be booked out of the unrestricted-use stock. True False.
Do stock transfers require a stock transfer order? Yes No.
Goods issues, goods receipts, and transfer postings are examples of:.
Which are Transfer Postings? stock type to stock type material to material consignment to warehouse SLoc to SLoc Plant to Plant Company code to Company code.
Which are Stock Transfers stock type to stock type material to material consignment to warehouse SLoc to SLoc Plant to plant Company code to Company code.
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