410 - Unit 9 Part 2

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410 - Unit 9 Part 2

410 - Unit 9 Part 2

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Net Requirements Calculation in MRP: Net requirements + current stock and fixed receipts compared to Net requirements + safety stock.
SAP S/4HANA features _____, an MRP run optimized for SAP HANA. MRP Live MRP Now MRP on Demand MRP Fast.
MRP Live ____ for the future production planning and detailed scheduling PP/DS solution in SAP S/4HANA. is a prerequisite is optional will be developed is removed.
Order in MRP procurement: Planned Order Purchase Requisition Purchase Order.
Using the ____ for purchase requisitions on the initial screen of the planning run, you control whether the system immediately creates purchase requisitions directly, or first creates planned orders.
2 main goals of MRP are: ______ and ______.
The new HANA interface for MRP:.
MRP Database deployment options: How many options are there?.
If you use a side by side database deployment for MRP (using the HANA DB along with traditional DB), can you still use the new MRP on SAP HANA? Yes No.
You can execute MRP in which ways? Total by plant Individual material Total by work center Individual BOM MRP run ID.
In MRP run execution, you run it by Processing Key. There are 3 keys. One of these keys is ONLY in OLD MRP. Which on is it? NEUPL - Regenerative NETCH - Net change for total horizon NETPL - Net change planning for planning horizon.
In MRP run execution, you run it by Processing Key. There are 3 keys. Which of these keys is recommended? NEUPL - Regenerative planning NETCH - Net change for total horizon NETPL - Net change planning in the planning horizon.
What is this?.
PP/DS - what is this?.
2 options for planning are presented in SAP HANA. Line them up. MRP Live within HANA PP/DS within HANA.
The PP/DS master data objects are different from those master data objects in SAP S/4HANA. What enables data to be exchanged between an ERP system, that is, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Enterprise, or SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) and a connected SCM system? On the SCM side, this is part SCM Basis and can be used by all systems that contain SCM Basis. Also used for going between SAP S/4HANA and PP/DS.
What is this an image of?.
To integrate Materials to Products and Workcenters to Resources, select _____ tab in Material and Work Center master data.
In SAP S/4HANA you have "Capacities". In PP/DS you have "Resources". The naming nomenclature for a resource in PP/DS transfered from SAP S/4HANA is what?.
Components are assigned in the routing. BOM components that are not explicitly assigned are considered to be assigned to the ______. first operation last operation blank operation default operation.
Main processes in PP/DS: Make-to-Stock production Make-to-Order production External procurement Internal procurement Consignment production Heuristic procurement.
In Make-to-Order (MTO) production, each sales order is planned in a separate segment. True False.
If PP is to take place in PP/DS, you convert the planned orders in PP/DS into production orders. The only difference between a PP/DS production order and SAP S/4HANA PP planned order is the _______.
The _____ is a monitoring component that provides a single point of access to problems in PP/DS.
You can define standard alert types or your own alert types for every problem and you can prioritize alert types as the following:.
Alert Monitor: You can define which alerts the planner receives in the _____.
During production order processing: WIP determination, variance calculation, and settlement are generally (pick one: weekly OR periodic) work for Cost Object Controlling (COC), and are usually processed in the (pick one: foreground OR background).
On production orders, you can link things from the ______, such as drawings and text.
Capacity can be planned based on planned orders. True False.
Used to plan in-house production of a material: Planned Orders Production Orders Manufacturing Orders.
The system manages the production orders by using _____. It's the basis for further processing of the order.
The following items happen at what milestone of the production order process? ● SLoc specific update of the stock and consumption fields ● Reduction of the reservation (for planned withdrawal) ● Update of costs for unplanned withdrawals ● Determination of actual costs (valuation) and order update ● Consumption update ● Generation of material and accounting documents (FI and CO documents) Goods issue Goods receipt Consumption posting Purchase req conversion.
A GI posting is controlled through movement type ____.
When processing a goods issue to a production order: A ___ document is been created due to the consumption of materials for the production order. A ___ document has been created due to stock change and consumption. CO, FI FI, CO ML, material material, ML.
An important function used for the consumption of internal activities. It acts as a trigger to allow other functions to be performed.
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