410 - unit 9 part 3

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410 - unit 9 part 3

410 - Unit 9 Part 3

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What are the typical 3 calculations done at period end for PP orders?.
Variance calculations are done on all production orders at period end close. True False.
All PP orders must be settled at period end. True False.
Order settlement ___ the order. debits credits.
CO-PA You use _____ to specify what you want to report on.
CO-PA A specific combination of characteristics that you report on is called a _____.
CO-PA Divisions, regions, products, and customers would be examples of: characteristics value fields profitability segments.
CO-PA Gross sales, surcharges, discounts, and cost of sales characteristics value fields profitability segments.
You can report profit and loss on characteristics within FI as well as CO-PA. True False.
The Profitability Analysis reporting methods are:.
The data from ____ management is one of the key sources of information for CO-PA.
You can allocate internal activities from cost centers to CO-PA either directly or indirectly. In addition to the sender (_____) and receiver (_____), you enter the quantity of the activity provided. cost center, profitability segment profitability segment, cost center.
In CO-PA, the profit center is always one of the characteristics. true false.
You cannot allocate between profit centers. True False.
Which does SAP recommend? Use EC-PCA Use New GL doc splitting.
Which of the following statements about materials requirement planning are true? Material requirements planning takes current and future sales as its reference point. The main function of material requirements planning is the monitoring of stocks. In MRP, the requirements elements include sales planned independent requirements. The planned requirement quantities trigger the MRP calculation.
Which of the following can be created by processing MRP? Purchase order Dependent requirements Planned orders Planned independent requirements.
Which of the following functions can be automated via customizing in production order processing? Goods receipt Upload from process level Material staging Order request.
When a goods receipt is posted in the system, which of the following documents are created? Material document Transfer posting document Accounting document Outbound delivery document.
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