410 - unit 9

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410 - unit 9

410 - Unit 9

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The Graphical Planning Table is still available in SAP S/4HANA and is considered as the target architecture. True False.
Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) Replaced by: .
SOP is used for: Long term strategic planning Short term tactical planning.
Which is the future tool? The future:.
What are these? ● Production versions ● Delivery schedules ● Purchasing contracts ● Purchasing info records.
Procurement types F: E: X:.
The material master data is subdivided into views. The basic data view displays data defined at the _____ level, and all other views are defined at ____ level.
Contain the assemblies, or components, which are to be included in the production of a material.
A BOM consists of 2 parts. What are they?.
The items in one BOM may contain other BOMs. True False.
BOMs are: Single-Level Multi-Level.
The steps (operations) that are necessary for production are contained in a ______.
1: 2:.
A product can be manufactured using two different sets of technologies and methods. What is the term that is used to differentiate the 2 (which would contain different Routings and BOMs)?.
In a plant, operations or activities, are carried out at a ______. Specifies where production ultimately takes place.
Resources at a work center must be assigned ____ in order to carry out product and order costing in CO.
The basis for scheduling process orders (required for capacity planning and and shop floor control): Available capacity Resources BOM Routing.
During Price Updates in Product Cost Planning: The standard price for the material in the material master record is updated when a standard cost estimate is _____ and _____.
During Product Cost Planning: If you mark a standard cost estimate, the results are updated in the material master records as the ______. When you release the standard cost estimate, the future prices are updated as the ______.
You can release a standard cost estimate: once per period more than once per period.
Variance calculations: You want to look at the difference between planned price or planned quantity and what the real price or quantity was after the fact. What is this part of?.
SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 _____ net change planning in the planning horizon (processing key NETPL). Supports Does not support.
What is this?.
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