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1. ¿Your organization is planning to implement the Lean Warehouse Management. Which of the following statement correct with reference to the feature of Lean Warehouse Management? (Choose two) _ It is not a warehouse management system _ It is a tool for connecting external system for storage bin management to our own SAP system _ It is a mean of using transfer orders even without storage bin management _ It is a Warehouse Management system with a reduced functional scope.
2. How the picking location determined for a delivery item? (Choose two) _ The rules shipped in the standard system are MALA, RETA and MARA _ The system determines the picking location based on a rule defined in the delivery type _ The system determines the storage location when it creates the outbound delivery _ The storage location entered in the order item is not used in the outbound delivery.
3. Your organization has integrated warehouse with warehouse control unit, and it is fully automated. What are its salient features? (Choose two) _ The external system is responsible for warehouse control _ SAP system is responsible for warehouse control _ The storage bins are managed by both the system _ The exact bin inventory in the high-shelf storage area is managed in external system.
4. What are the features if storage type with putaway strategy B? (Choose tree) _ Each addition to existing stock in a storage bin generates a new quant with separate information _ The employee can decide which storage units are removed during stock removal _ During the stock removal process specific storage unit are proposed _ It uses FIFO principle for stock removal.
5. Your organization is using Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for identification of handling unit. What are its features? (Choose three) _ This is an eighteen-digit number used to identify logistics units _ This is an sixteen-digit number used to identify logistics units _ The goal is to identify a package uniquely for at least one year, worldwide _ It complies with the coding conventions of European Article Number EAN128.pag 34 _ It is used to uniquely identify the handling unit at client level.
6. Your organization is planning to use Storage Unit Management. What are the features of which makes it more useful for organization? (Choose three) _ The storage unit is an object that is used with Warehouse and Inventory Management _ It is a logical composition of one or more material quantities that can be managed as a unit in the warehouse _ Storage unit can be homogenous _ All storage unit are assigned a unique number which is maintained in the system as the storage unit number.
7. You have been asked to explain the features of the partial pallets strategy for stock removal. What are they? (Choose three) _ We must maintain the palletization data for the materials which are using partial pallet removal strategy _ If the picking quantity is large than or equal to the standard palletization quantity, the system proposed the removal of complete storage unit and tries to take the remaining quantity from a partial pallet _ If the required quantity is less than the standard palletization quantity, the system search for a partial pallet, else a standard storage unit is opened _ The standard storage units are determined according to the LIFO principle.
8. Which putaway strategies do not generally require separate capacity checks? (Choose three) _ Next empty bin strategy _ Fixed bin strategy _ Bulk storage strategy _ Pallets strategy _ Additional to existing stock strategy.
9. Which of the following function of the packing stations are correct? (Choose two) _ We can able to connect computer-controlled scales to transfer the actual weight of a package to the SAP system _ We need to implement Handling Unit Management in order to use Packaging functions _ The data entry for the packing station is using scanners _ The data entry for the packing station is manual like the other transaction in the system.
10. We have planned to use Two-Step Stock Transfer procedure with stock transport order. What are its features? (Choose three) _ Stock in transit is created when goods issue is posted _ Goods receipt is posted when the goods are issued from the delivery plant _ We can post the goods receipt to unrestricted-use stock only _ Stock in transit is valuated and managed at the level of the receiving plant _ The withdrawal of stock is always from the unrestricted-use stock.
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