901 - ports

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901 - ports

udp and tcp/ip ports

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Line these up: ftp https smtp afp.
Port for RDP is ____.
Port 80 is for what?.
HTTPS is what port?.
SSH is what port?.
Port 21 is for ___.
Port 110 is for ____. IMAP POP3 HTTP RDP.
SMTP uses port: 21 25 110 443.
Line these up. 443 80 3389 22.
Line up the ports. 21 22 23 25 80 110 143 443 548 3389.
Which port is the most widely used for receiving email? 110 143 25 80.
In place of SMTP, you may encounter ______ for sending email, which offers encryption and digital signatures.
Which port numbers pertain to terminal emulation, in which you can remotely log into a machine and run commands as if you were sitting in front of it? 548 389 22 443 23 25.
_____, an amount of time a packet takes to get to its destination, is a big concern when using VoIP. The less of it, the better. You can test the amount of this by using the ____ command line command and recording the average amount of round trip time.
What advantage does dial up have over DSL? Dial up is faster. You can be further than 18,000 feet from a main service center. You can get a second phone line. None. Dial up has no advantages.
Which port would be for securely sending files? 21 25 20 22.
What port is used for SFTP?.
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