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You configure a data source with a non XA driver because your (non-Oracle) database does not provide XA drivers. The data source will sometimes participate in global transactions with an EJB, so as you configure the data source you select "Supports Global Transactions" and One-phase commit. Why is this configuration wrong? A. You must choose an XA driver when a data source participates in global transactions. B. "One Phase Commit" always returns "ready" during phase one of the two-phase commit process' so it is possible you will have heuristic errors in the database. C. "One-Phase Commit" processes this data source last In the global transactions, if the EJB must go last, you cannot use this configuration. D. "One-Phase Commit" only allows this data source to participate in global transaction, so you cannot have a global transaction that includes an EJB.
When creating a dynamic cluster, you have multiple options concerning how dynamic servers are. Which of the following are valid options? A. Identify three supported configurations. B. Use a single machine. C. Use all machines in a subnet. D. Use all machines in the domain. E. Use all percentage of machines in the domain. F. Use all machines whose names match an expression.
Which action should you take to automatically back up the domain configuration when anyone Activates a configuration change? A. USE the backup='true' parameter of the ad activate () command In WLST. B. The administration console, select "Follow Configuration changes" In the Shared preferences for the console. C. In the administration console, select "Configuration Archive Enabled" under the general configuration of the domain. D. Enabling automatic domain configuration creates backups of the configuration during server boot not at each activation.
As the technical lead for your project, you have been asked to recommend a new solution to handle frequently increasing loads on your applications. The Weblogic 12.1.2 domain currently runs with two clusters of three servers with request being filtered and passed by a proxy server that users the round robin algorithm. However, the load sometimes exceeds the maximum capacity of all these servers combined but your domain lacks in scalability. What is the best implementation solution? A. Add a third cluster and spread existing server instances across the clusters. B. Modify the proxy server load balancing algorithm to weight based. C. Configure dynamic clusters and specify the number of server instances you anticipate at needing at peak load. D. Tune work managers to optimize work. E. Replace the software load balancer with a hardware load balancer.
All administrators that deal with the production domain in your organization are extremely experienced. As the lead administrator, you have been asked to change the administration console preferences for all administrators so that inline help no longer displays, since no one needs It. Select the true statement about this scenario. A. There is nothing you can do since inline help cannot be disabled. B. There is nothing you can do for all users, since disabling inline help must be done per user. C. Log into the administration console and disable Inline help under "help." D. Access WLST, connect to the domain's admin server, and use the command enable inline help (false).
You plan to Install WebLogic Server by using the genetic JAR installer in silent mode. What are two ways to create the required response file? A. First install or deinstall graphically. There is an option to save a response file. B. Use the sample response file in the installation documentation as a template. C. First run the Repository creation utility. There is an option to save a response file . D. The response file is not required. You can answer questions interactively at the command line. E. The genetic JAR installer does not have a silent mode .so you do not need a response file when using this installer.
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