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Sudipta Kumar Roy
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Accordingly to Hubble's Law [related recessional velocity and distance away from earth] recessional velocity is inversely proportional to distance recessional velocity is directly proportional to distance there is no relation between recessional velocity and distance none of the above statement is right.
A star has mass 5 times the sun. Which of the following would explain how it would end? It would become red giant It would become directly white dwarf It would become neutron star None of the above.
The background cosmic radiation shows drop to 2.7K. This means Universe is contracting. This means Universe remains same This means Universe is expanding The temperature has nothing to do with cosmic radiation.
The star alpha Eridani is about 42.9 par sec. The parallax angle would be: 2.3 minutes 0.23 minutes 0.023 minutes 0.0023 minutes.
The peak wavelength of sun is 500 nm. What would be its temperature? 6800 K 5800 K 4800 K 3800 K.
Which one of the following supports Big Bang Theory? The blue shift The increase of temperature for cosmic radiation The red shift None of the above.
If distance of star is 4 times then brightness would be 1/8 times 8 times 1/4 times 4 times.
A star is equilibrium due to Outward radiation pressure and inward pull of gravity Inward pressure and outward pull of gravity Outward radiation pressure and inward pull of electrostatic force None of these.
Which of the statement correctly explains the Olbers Paradox? The night appears dark which is correct as stars are static. The day appears bright due to static stars. Luminosity remains constant yet night appears dark None of the above.
Which of the following could be the possible solution to Olbers Paradox? Universe is expanding and not static. Due to this stars are moving away from us light does not reach us as speed of light is finite. Universe is static and stars do not emit light all times. Planets and asteroids block the light so it is not visible. None of these.
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