Ba 3 part 2

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Ba 3 part 2

Third Book - part 2

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Line em up below. Ordinary depreciation Special depreciation Unplanned depreciation Unit-of-production depreciation.
Depreciation is calculated by depreciation methods which are assigned to ______ , which are then assigned to _______.
Transaction to assign a depreciation calculation method to a depreciation key is _______. .
The system determines the depreciation start date using the _______ date and _____ method.
Changes to the Customizing settings of the depreciation keys do not automatically correct the depreciation amounts for previously posted or active assets. For that to happen, you need to execute a ________.
With the depreciation calculation, you can manage important depreciation parameters time dependently. Which of the following are time dependent? Key Life Variable depreciation portion Percentage scrap value Cost Asset Value Date.
Using the ________ > _______ buttons in the detail screen of the depreciation area, you can define a time dependency for the depreciation term of each depreciation area.
You can define whether interest must be calculated for the cost-accounting depreciation area and whether depreciation must continue below zero. You make these specifications when you define the __________.
If depreciation calculation is based on replacement value, you use ______ .
For cost-accounting, you may have to calculate _________ on the capital tied up in assets.
Cost accounting depreciation area is usually ______.
The effect of indexing cannot be seen until ______.
How to do you see the comparison of valuation between 2 different depreciation areas?.
What is the depreciation posting program?.
What t code is used to assign account assignment objects to the depreciation run by depreciation area?.
If you execute a productive depreciation run, you can see all the documents from the entire period in the posting run log. The corresponding program is ________.
Depreciation postings get doc type _____.
During year end, which of the following tasks is done first to carry balances forward and open the new year? Fiscal Year Change Year-End Closing.
True or false. Doing the fiscal year change blocks all assets from being posted in the old year. True False.
Which program does what? Fiscal year change/balance carry forward Year end close.
T code for checking last closed fiscal year.
Asset scrap value is a field specific to the depreciation areas of an asset. True False.
Asset master records have data for assignment to controlling that is_________.
What fields links a record in Asset Accounting to a record in Plant Maintenance? Equipment Master Plant Inventory Number Warehouse location.
You can ensure integration between the FI-AA and plant maintenance (PM) components by ________ creating or changing equipment and assets.
You perform mass changes to assets using _______ and ________.
T code to create a worklist.
When you want to capitalize production costs, what 2 things do you use when doing it?.
What is the purpose of using “transaction type” in FI-AA? Group transactions on the history sheet Restrict transactions to users Used when processing gains and losses Group transactions for posting depreciation.
When doing an asset acquisition that is integrated with AP, _____ the asset with post key ___ and ___ AP vendor with postkey ___ using transaction type ___. .
For an integrated asset acquisition posting, the system divides the business transaction into 2 parts: Operational Valuation.
Is a technical clearing account for asset acquisitions allowed to be defined in the account determination? yes no.
If document splitting is activated, the system always passes on the document type of the entry view to the valuating documents. true false.
Asset explorer t code is ______ .
The system determines the start date for ordinary depreciation using the ______ date of the acquisition posting with the period control method. .
Where is the period control method stored for an asset?.
Tab that holds the vendor in the asset master record.
Post date and asset value date can or cannot be in different fiscal years?.
Line em up below regarding doc types. Cash discount deducted from capitalization amount Cash discount included amount in capitalization amount (total doesn't have the discount deducted). AN AA.
Cash discount program is _____.
If asset acquisition postings are not integrated with MM, then post invoices to _______.
New features of automatic offsetting entry are: ____ create assets while posting, can create several assets in ____.
Asset aquisions integrated with _____ use GRs and IRs.
In the asset explorer, if there is a PO related to the asset, where do you see it? In the objects related to asset section on the left On the asset master record On the linked asset values report.
Asset acquisitions can be integrated with _______ and retirements integrated with _______. aquisitions retirements.
If integrating an asset retirement with AR/SD, you must enter a ________ for the retirement.
To do a mass retirement, use a ________.
Can you change the class on an asset? Answer yes or no.
Standard transfer variant used for transfers on same company code.
2 relationships exist for intercompany transfers. Between independent companies ____ and within one company _______. 01 02.
Intercompany transfers can be done using one of 3 methods. Line up the correct statements below. Gross Net New Value.
An intercompany transfer transaction will create the new asset automatically True False.
You must use _________ if you are doing transfers between company codes with different charts of depreciation.
What are the transaction types for transfers?.
You can settle AuC’s by _______ level or by _______.
SAP standard AuC settlement profile is what?.
When settling, do you have to settle 100%? yes no.
When you settle from an AuC to a real asset, it will _______ (debit or credit) the AuC? .
Prior year and current year asset postings all use the same transaction. true false.
When you run a manual unplanned depreciation, you get an FI document. true false.
Intercompany transfer t code.
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