Ba 3 part 3

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Ba 3 part 3

Third Book Part 3

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Fill in the blanks to show how depreciation areas get linked to ledgers: _____ LINKED TO _____ LINKED TO _____ LINKED TO _____.
In the ledger approach, for each valuation, ____________ to the general ledger in real time and manages APC. there is always just one depreciation area that posts there can be many depreciation areas that post.
When configuring how depreciation areas post in the ledger approach, for the leading valuation, choose the posting option: Area Posts in Realtime Area Posts APC Immediately, Depreciation Periodically.
There are 2 approaches to accounting in FI-AA: Ledger Based and Accounts Based. Which approach ultimately posts all values to the leading ledger? Ledger Based Accounts Based.
An asset that is capitalized in some depreciation areas (accounting principles) but not not in all is called a ________ asset.
SAP recommends you use a separate ______ for assets NOT managed in all depreciation areas.
Accounting-principle-specific documents are generated for each valuation. In the case of the _____ approach, these documents are posted to separate ledgers. In the case of the _____ approach, these documents are posted to parallel account sets within the same ledger of General Ledger Accounting.
You can choose between the accounts and the ledger approach for asset postings. Match up the statements below. Accounts approach Ledger approach Both.
You can post to FI-AA directly from other modules such as a production order or a goods receipt or an invoice directly by directly posting to an asset. True False.
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