Ba 3 part 4

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Ba 3 part 4

Third Book - Part 4

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Asset reports use the _______ tool to standardize and simplify the use of reports in the SAP system.
A sort variant in a report can contain up to how many sort criteria?.
Select the _______ indicator for a detailed breakdown of the total of a group level in some lists.
You want to see what the net book value and total depreciation is for a group of assets by company code, depreciation area, profit center, or segment. What Fiori app do you use?.
You want to create your own bundles, levels of granularity, and layouts for your asset reports. You can do this in SPRO by setting up your own ________.
You want to see the projected depreciation for an individual asset you are looking at. What do you run?.
Using a ________ allows you to simulate a change of depreciation logic.
What report do you use if you want to create a depreciation forcast for a group of assets?.
What is the asset history report program?.
Asset history sheet organizes transactions in groups. Line up the groups below. 10 20 30 99.
If you create your own asset history sheet version, you must ensure that the size of the history sheet is not more than ___ rows and ___ columns.
For small amounts of manual legacy data takeover, what T Code do you you use?.
For prior year assets, you can use any date in the prior closed year as the legacy data transfer date. True False.
If you are doing legacy transfer of current year, can use the actual current date as your legacy transfer date. True False.
ABLDT works well with LSMW. True False.
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