Ba 4 part 2

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Ba 4 part 2

Fourth Book - part 2

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What are the 3 groups of stocks that are revaluated as part of close?.
Line up the material type with the price control indicator. RSC WIP FG.
The logic of why you use Moving Average on RSC inventory is what?.
Name the 4 steps involved in during the MM close RSC stock valuation.
The first step of month end MM RSC stock revaluation is _______. You evaluate stocks for _______ value according to __________ OR according to __________.
During value determinations (the second step) of MM RSC stock valuation - you determine market prices on the basis of _______ or _______.
The third step of MM RSC material revaluation is to update the prices in in the material master with the _______ value determined. This step is _______, and if you do it, you do not need to carry out the last step - revaluation of totals.
Final step of MM close RSC revaluation is _________ using transaction ________.
You can carry out a balance sheet valuation numerous times with different valuation approaches in one period. True False.
With transaction _____, you can check, analyze, and reverse the delta postings of the delta run in transaction MRN9.
You can calculate the WIP on the basis of either the ______ incurred for the order, or the _______ for completed transactions, depending on the type of production order.
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