Ba 4 part 3

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Ba 4 part 3

Fourth Book - part 3 - Closing Payables and Receivables

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Pick the true statements below. The central balance carry forward program in General Ledger Accounting carries forward the balances of the customer and vendor accounts to the next fiscal year. You can choose to perform balance carryforward separately for vendor and customer accounts. All vendor and customer accounts are always carried forward along with general ledger accounts and asset accounts.
As part of month end close, _________ are created and sent to verify the accuracy of the customer and vendor account balances. The communication language would be defined in the ___________. .
Report __________ for receivables and report _________ for payables are used for balance confirmations.
How many balance confirmation procedures are they, and what are they?.
To send a balance confirmation to a specific address, use an ________ in the program selection.
You carry out the foreign currency valuation before creating the financial statement. You must carry it out for _________ and ________.
The posting document generated by the foreign currency program is reversed automatically with the same program. True False.
The 2 accounts posted to during FC valuation are ______ and ______ accounts.
FAGL_FCV saves test runs in the log. True False.
To use the FAGL_FCV process, you must define _____ and a assign to ______.
The _______ and _____ are required entries for the selection screen on FAGL_FCV program.
Why would you need to configure number range intervals for foreign value valuation?.
Exchange rate differences in foreign currency balance sheet accounts are posted to various gains and losses accounts. This is based on the ________ that you enter in the ________.
What are the 2 types of value adjustments?.
Enter the individual value adjustments as special G/L transaction __.
FVA program is _____ .
Line up the below to show which us used for which. FVA (uses the program) IVA (posted as special GL transaction type E).
Pick the purposes below of the regrouping program. Sorts receivables and payables by remaining life and makes the transfer postings. Makes adjustment postings for when reconciliation accounts were changed on customers or vendors. Makes postings for vendors with a debit balance or customers with a credit balance. Makes postings for items with linked business partners. Sorts and adjusts items with expired terms codes. Removes doubtful receivables from the balance sheet.
The regrouping program reverses the docs ________. First day of the next period. Immediately with the same posting date. Last day of the current period.
You ____ change the reconciliation account in the customer or vendor master record during a fiscal year. can cannot.
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