Ba 4 part 6

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Ba 4 part 6

Fourth Book - Part 6

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Order the steps in configuring the Financial Close Cockpit. 1 2 3 4 5.
The scope of a FCC template should reflect the overall ______ and the ________ involved.
The following list shows types of tasks available in the FCC. Pick which ones are only reminders or milestones. Programs with program variants Transactions Flow definition SAP CPS Remote Job, - Transaction, - Program, - Flow Definition External job.
Before you can use the task list in the FCC application, you must ______ it.
What is the transaction for the restricted version of creating task lists that supports the working division between the closing planner at group level and the person responsible for closing at local level.
In the configuration of the Financial Closing Cockpit, predecessor relationships can be displayed under the _________ tab.
______ are a type of task to process multiple programs automatically without interruption.
For intercompany reconciliations, line up the below. Process 001 Process 002 Process 003.
Transaction for manual intercompany reconciliation.
The main tasks of ICR are performed on the _________ screen. .
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