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Which three model element types can be used to define the boundaries of a room? Wall Stairs Floor Ceiling Railing Roof.
Which dialog box is used to specify default lineweights, line colors, line patterns, and materials in ALL views? Visibility/Graphics View properties Project Browser Object Styles Line Patterns.
Which TWO are TYPE properties of a wall? Top Constraint Function Location Line Coarse Fill Pattern Base Constraint.
Which is NOT a valid option when sketching a ceiling? Pick Walls Center Ends Arc Pick Lines Slope Arrow Construction line.
Which command is used to place a free-standing element, such as furniture? Component Model-In-Place Repeating Detail Detail Components.
What does the small triangle next to the roof boundary line indicate in the roof sketch? overhang slope eave height span direction.
Which is NOT a type of constraint? Padlock Equality Pinning Temporary Alignment.
Which three tabs on the Schedule/Quantities dialog enable calculation and totals? Filters Appearance Fields Formatting Sorting/Grouping.
New projects inherit which three conditions from the project template? Settings Families Library Structure Levels Workflow.
Which statement is FALSE about stair sketches? Boundary lines must be open lines The user is provided with the desired riser count All riser lines must touch the boundary lines Risers must be parallel You can not place riser lines on top of each other.
Which statement about detail views is FALSE? Drafting views are 2D only Drafting views show the building model You can adjust view scale and detail level on Drafting Views You can import CAD files into Drafting Views Drafting Views can be stored as separate files.
When you tag elements by category, which THREE statements are true? Tags can only be placed in plan view Tags appear only in the active view where they are placed The tag family for a model element must be loaded before you can place the tag for that element You cannot switch between tag types once a tag has been placed Tags display information based on the tag family and the item tagged.
Which statement about text is FALSE? Text leaders must be placed separately You can paste text from Microsoft Word into a text object Text scales with the view Text is view specific.
Elements are classified into which three classes: Annotation System Datum View Model.
Which is not used to create a custom title block? Lines Text Family Editor Viewports Labels.
Describe atleast 3 reasons why elements sometimes might not appear in a view?.
What type of element is a color fill legend? Annoation Model View Schedule.
What property makes curtain walls directly cut through basic ones ? Automatically Embed Cut Join Wall Joins.
What is BIM? Process Software Workflow Modeling.
What does Revit stand for? Review Information techonology Revise Instantly Revision Iteration.
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