C_taw12_740: chapter 05 abap debugger program usage

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C_taw12_740: chapter 05 abap debugger program usage

Sample questions from book "ABAP 7.4 Certification Guide"

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The Debugger displays a maximum of eight data objects at one time. True False.
A watchpoint stops program execution every time the condition specified is met. True False.
Both the classic Debugger and the new Debugger can be used on all ABAP code without restriction. True False.
Under which circumstances will the classic Debugger start as the Debugger? Select all that apply. None; the new Debugger will always start as the Debugger. When five modes already exist for this logon session. When the number of debugging sessions exceeds half the number of dialog sessions. When you specify the default as the classic Debugger in the settings of the Object Navigator. If you manually switched to the classic Debugger during your last session.
What does a non-exclusive debugging mode mean? Select all that apply. A roll-out is forced in the application after each Debugger view. Someone else is debugging the same source code. Debugging is not possible between the statements SELECT and ENDSELECT because the database cursor needs to be closed using a COMMIT. Debugging is not possible for conversion or field exits. Owing to the commit, inconsistent datasets can occur in the database. It may be used anywhere in the landscape.
What is the maximum number of watchpoints that can exist at one time? 8 10 16 No limit.
Setting breakpoints for a method or function module within the Debugger allows the use of (F4) (value help) to find the correct name. True False.
All breakpoints are valid for the entire Debugger session, and all can be changed by the Debugger. True False.
It is possible to make multiple changes to data objects at the same time in the Debugger. True False.
When starting the Debugger, what circumstance causes the runtime error DEBUGGING_NOT_POSSIBLE? Starting a non-exclusive mode in a productive system When more than five sessions are already associated with this login user When the number of debugging sessions on the server exceeds the value defined by the profile parameter rdisp/wpdbug_max_no.
How many work areas are available in the Debugger? 7 9 12 15.
What button undoes layout changes to the Debugger? Fill in the blank.
The Debugger is entirely self-contained and requires no external transactions. True False.
If you are using external debugging (debugging of HTTP and RFC requests, which arrive in your ABAP system), what will the Debugger do? Always stop when the external breakpoint is reached. Never stop; external breakpoints operate on users other than your own. May or may not stop, depending on external factors.
What does Software Layer Aware Debugging allow you to do? Select all that apply. Trace executing code Debug only a small portion of code Debug a large portion of code Bypass authorization objects Specify as much or as little code to debug.
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