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Which of the below are external object types of OM?( chose 4 ) a. Applicant b. Qualifications groups c. Cost centre d. Job e. Business event type.
Which of the following are five basic objects in OM? ( chose 5 ) a. S b. P c. US d. O e. C f. A g. K.
What is the purpose of an Evaluation path in OM ? a. To determines the order in which info types are proposed by the SAP system for editing b. To enable employee groups and subgroups to working time groups c. To enable one to report on structural information in Organizational Management d. To set up a path to allow the connection to an electric communication system within SAP R/3.
Object characteristics are maintained in info types. The main characteristics of objects are maintained in: ( chose 3 ) a. Description b. Object c. Cost centre d. Planned working time e. Relationship.
A person, object type ‘P’ can be assigned: a. A position b. A job c. A vacancy d. A task e. An organizational unit.
What are the different ways of processing info types records? ( chose 2 ) a. Single screen maintenance – one infotype,one pers.number b. Personnel Actions – many personnel numbers, one info type c. Fast entry – many personnel numbers, many info types d. Fast entry of actions – one pers.number, many info types.
When hiring, employee data must be entered in the following info types apart of country specific info types like: ( chose 8 ) a. Personal Data - 0002 b. Absence Quota - 2006 c. Payroll status - 0003 d. Planned Working Time - 0007 e. Organization Assignment – 0001 f. Basic Pay - 0008 g. Bank Details – 0009 h. Addresses - 0006 i. Additional Actions – 0302 j. Actions - 0000.
Info type 0003 can be described by which of the following: ( chose 5 ) a. It contains the Payroll status b. It is created automatically by the system while performing Hiring action c. It can only exist for salaried employees d. It is not created for backdated salary records. e. Personnel No can be locked for Payroll f. Payroll correction run is activated if payroll run is failed for employee & if any correction taken place in master data after first payroll run g. If characteristics of a Wage type is changed for backdated period of payroll run then it can activated by Running Payroll in ‘Forced Retroactive as of ‘in payroll driver from the date of change.
Which two of the following are false for a Wage type? ( chose 2 ) Payroll Info types have Dialog Wage types Payroll Results have Primary & Secondary Wage types Wage type are grouped under Wage type Groups Wage type can have Direct/Indirect Valuation Wage type permissibility exists for ESG,PSA Wage type is created by Wage type Copier. Time Wage type is Secondary WT. Wage Type can be defaulted using LGMST,PRZNT,SUMME,ARBPL Each WT has validity dates Only one WT can exist per payroll period for Info type.
Which of the following info types are assigned Time Constraint 1 in the standard delivered system ( chose 4 ) A.0000 Actions B.0001 Organizational assignment C.0024 Qualifications D.0007 Planned Working Time E.0025 Appraisals F.0021 Family Details G.0091 Monitoring of Tasks H.0006 Addresses J.0008 Basic Pay.
Which of the following accurately describes Time Constraint 1? ( chose 2 ) a. If it exists, it has to be unique, but the record does not have to exist b. The records must exist c. There can be no overlaps of records d. There can be no gaps between the records e. It does not have to exist.
Which one of the following best describes a HR Personnel Action or Personnel Events? a. The specification of a function modules to control the format of the list output b. Entries with different evaluation paths used for starting a report c. The assignment of info types, in a sequence, to set up a complex HR Process. d. None of the above.
The following utilities are available in HR Master data Maintenance: ( chose 3 ) a. Change entry/leaving date b. Delete payroll results c. Change Payroll Status d. Delete Personnel number e. Create payroll results.
Which are the 2 different methods of recording Time Data? ( chose 2 ) a. Negative time recording b. Recording deviations only c. Recording actual times d. Positive time recording e. Planned time recording.
Results of Time Evaluation include three of the following: ( chose 3 ) a. Manage Time accounts b. Generate Time wage types after Time Evaluation. c. Time events d. Messages.
Attendances and absences are used to: ( chose 3 ) a. Determine pay b. Compile statistics c. Determine organizational assignment d. Manage Time accounts e. To determine Substitutions f. To determine Availability.
Following statements are correct?( chose 5 ) a. PA30 is transaction code to perform Personnel Actions b. PA70 is transaction code to maintain Master data c. PA61 is transaction code used to Maintain Time data d. PA40 is transaction code used to maintain HR Master Data. e. RPTIME00 is Time Evaluation Drive f. RPTQTA00 is used for Absence Quota Generation g. RPTBAL00 is used for Cummulated.Time Balance Report of Time Evaluation. h. RPTQUOTA_CHECK is display the Log of Setting done before Generating Absence Quota.
Business Event preparation refers to creating the following objects ( chose 3 ) a. Cost items b. Locations c. Time schedules d. Business event groups e. Business event types.
The SAP Learning Solution includes the following ( chose 3 ) a. Content Management System b. Learning Management System c. SAP Tutor d. Authoring tool e. Web application server.
Jobs are used in the following application components: ( chose 5 ) a. Personnel Cost Planning b. Personnel Administration c. Organizational Management d. Personnel Development e. Shift Planning f. Career & succession Planning g. Compensation Management.
What is the purpose of an Information groups(or)INFOGROUP? ( chose 1 ) a. To define the value of status indicators in Action IT 0000 b. To determine sequence of info types processes in an personnel action according to user group to perform an action. c. To define personnel actions that are available for a user d. A logical grouping of data fields.
In Personnel Administration, what is the name given to a wage type stored in info types? a. Technical wage type b. Derived wage type c. Dialog/primary wage type d. Statement wage type.
Which values are used to determine the retroactive accounting limit? ( chose 3 ) a. Personnel control record: “Earliest retroactive accounting period” b. Info type 0002 (Personal Data): “Birth date” c. Hiring date of the employee d. Info type 0003 (Payroll status): “Earliest personal retroactive accounting date”: e. Info type 0001 (Organizational assignment): “From date”.
Where can you set the earliest retroactive accounting date for an employee? a. Info type 0002 (Personal data) b. Info type 0003 (Payroll status) c. Personnel Control Record d. Info type 0001 (Organizational assignment).
How can features be used in HR? ( chose 2 ) a. To see default values for info type. b. To control the display of country-specific info type screens c. To start the payroll run for groups personnel numbers from different countries d. To define SAP office mail options to be used when HR Master data info types are updated.
Which one of the following substitution methods/types is valid for info type 2003? a. Default position b. Different payroll area c. By personnel number d. Different work schedule rule e. By position.
Which of the following are catered for in Deduction rules for absences/attendances types? ( chose 4 ) a. The unit of measure hours/days b. Conditions to be checked for the current day c. Employee subgroup grouping and personnel subarea grouping for time quotas d. Absence Quota types e. Deduction priority.
Which of the following are checked in the counting rules for absence/attendances? ( chose 3 ) a. Conditions for planned working hours b. Conditions for work schedule c. Quota sequence for the next deduction d. Conditions for the current day. e. Conditions for following day f. Conditions for next day.
Technical information can be found on a field when using: a. The F4 help b. The F1 help c. The SAP library d. The Application help e. F8 help.
The Enterprise structure consists of the following: ( chose 4 ) a. Client b. Company code c. Employee group d. Personnel area e. Personnel sub area f. Payroll Area g. Employee Subgroup h. Cost Center.
Which feature is used to default the work schedule in info type in 0007 of Time Management? a. ABKRS b. VTART c. SCHKZ d. LGMST e. None of the above.
Work schedule specifications are stored in which of the following levels ( chose 3 ) a. Monthly level b. Hourly level c. Weekly level d. Daily level.
Which of the options below allow part-time working provision to be set for part-time workers in the industry? ( chose 3 ) a. Making use of the Dynamic Daily Work Schedule function to set variable working time, by entering Min and Max working hours b. By reducing the employee’s basic salary by the required percentage c. Creating separate work schedule rules catering for fewer hours or days d. Set the employment percentage as well as working hours/day, week, month and year in info type 0007.
Which two of the following fields are automatically updated by the SAP system for info type 0003 (Payroll status) during Payroll run? ( chose 2 ) a. Earliest personnel retroactive accounting date b. The Payroll correction indicator c. Accounting To field d. Run Payroll up to, which is used if an employee, have not been concluded e. Personnel Number locked indicator.
Which two of the following statements are TRUE? ( chose 2 ) a. Only the Active Plan version can be used in Organizational Management reporting b. The PLOGI entry defines the default payroll area c. The PLOGI ORGA entry in table T77S0 activates integration between OM and PA d. The PLOGI feature can be used in conjunction with the PLOGI ORGA active entry to restrict integration to different groups of employees.
Information regarding planned compensation can be stored on the following info type in Expert Mode of OM Interface: a. 1001 b. 1002 c. 1003 d. 1004 e. 1005.
The report RHINTE30 is used for: Generating table entries in PA for OM objects that are relevant for integration. It lets you transfer a person’s organizational assignments from OM to Info type 0001 in PA. Checks whether all of the objects relevant for integration exist in both PA and OM. For transfer of data from PA to OM.
Inheritance happens in the following scenarios: ( chose 2 ) Org Units inherits the cost center assignment of their parent organization in the absence of their own assignment. Position inherits tasks that describe them Org Units inherits the Tasks assigned to Jobs defined down the line. Positions inherit tasks that are assigned to Jobs, assigned to them.
Relationships in Organization Management are specified by: ( chose 5 ) Relationships are denoted by a three digit Code. Relationships between objects are reciprocal Relationships cannot be one sided. The direction of relationships are determined by ‘A’ or ‘B’ Relationships can also be one sided Relationships are Stored in 1001 info type.
While working in Expert Mode, you; ( chose 3 ) System automatically creates certain relationship info type records. It allows you to maintain the objects Can create additional description to objects. It allows you create a vacancy.
When a vacant position is made obsolete by creating a record in the Obsolete Info type: ( chose 3 ) You can create another record in Vacancy Info type, making the position vacant once again. It cannot be reoccupied again. The vacancy is delimited at the start of the validity of the obsolete flag. Positions cannot be flagged simultaneously as vacant and obsolete. None of these.
You default the Enterprise Structure in the Actions/Organization Assignment Info type by maintaining which on eof the following: Object Info type (1000) Account Assignment Features Info type (1008) Employee Group/Subgroup Info type (1013) Department/Staff Info type (1003) Cost Distribution (1018).
Following objects are used as criteria while defining requirements in shift planning. Position Job Qualification Org Unit.
Retroactive Accounting Limit Date is based on Earliest possible retroactive accounting period in Payroll Control Record only Earliest personal retroactive accounting date in Payroll Status Info type only The latest of the Hiring Date, Earliest possible retroactive accounting period in Payroll Control Record and Earliest personal retroactive accounting date in Payroll Status Info type The latest of the Hiring Date, PDC Recalculation Date in Payroll Control Record and Earliest personal retroactive accounting date in Payroll Status Info type.
What does Counting Rule for absence & attendance contain? ( chose 2 ) a. Quota Deduction Rule b. Rounding Rule c. Reduction Rule d. Increasing Rule e. Decreasing Rule f. Work schedule Rule.
What is a Quota Multiplier in a Counting Rule? ( chose 4 ) It specifies how Payroll Days/Hours are calculated. You can reduce the Quota accruals by specifying a Quota Multiplier of less than 100% You can increase the Quota accruals by specifying a Quota Multiplier of more than 100% A quota multiplier of 100% means that the absence hours/days are evaluated at 100% It specifies that all days to be counted.
Rules governing the deduction of absence quotas and rules governing the deduction of attendance quotas are assigned to a: Rounding rule Reduction rule Generation rule Counting rule Selection rule.
Tasks (T) can be: Attached to Jobs only Attached to positions only Attached to both Jobs& Positions Attached to persons only.
The payroll control record ( chose 3 ) a. Defines payroll past for retro recognition b. Writes data to the database c. Defines earliest possible retro date d. Controls the individual stages of payroll e. Inputs the payroll date every month.
If a master data is entered for retro period i.e. backdated period of payroll period this field in IT 0003 is updated by system automatically? Accounted to Run payroll up to Do not Account after Personnel number locked Earliest MD change.
A Work Schedule is generated manually or batch using following ( chose 3 ) ESG grouping PSA grouping Holiday Calendar Time quotas Absence rules.
The following are based on Info sets ( chose 2 ) Standard SAP reports BW Ad hoc Query SAP Query.
The break of say 45 min between times is what type of break below. Fixed Break Dynamic Break Overtime Break Variable Break.
Qualifications: ( chose 3 ) Are Stored as requirements for an Organizational unit. Are assigned to a person as actual Qualifications Are used as the basis for a profile Match up. can be acquired through business events & development measures.
Which two of below Features are used to Default BASIC PAY? ( chose 2 ) ABKRS LGMST ARBPL PRZNT VDSK1 TARIF COBLT.
The Pay scale structure is made up of following elements: ( chose 4 ) 1. Pay scale Group 2. Pay scale Area 3. Wage types 4. Info types 5. Pay scale Level 6. Pay Scale Type.
What is the Purpose of recording Info type 2002? a. To record employees absences b. To record employees substitutions c. To record employees leave entitlements d. To record employees attendance.
Which Info type has no begin date & end date? ( chose 2 ) a. Planned Working Time (IT0007) b. Basic Pay (IT0008) c. Recurring Payments/Deductions (IT0014) d. Additional Payments (IT0015) e. EE.remu.Info (IT2010).
Which parameters are available for determining exact payroll period? ( chose 3 ) a. Date Modifier b. Period Parameters c. Payroll period d. Payroll status e. Payroll Driver f. Payroll Control Record.
Where you store earliest retroactive accounting data for an employee? Personal Data Org. Assignment Payroll Status Additional Actions Actions Payroll Control Record.
MSS consists of: ( chose 2 ) Worksets Functions list Theme categories Functions All of these.
What kind of Module & variant should you use with the following scenarios? You company is giving car allowance & this allowance amount is varies from pay scale group & level, you also create TARIF ARBPL PRZNT SUMME.
Which of the following statements are false? ( chose 2 ) Employee’s entry date can be changed after employee has been hired. Employee’s entry date cannot be changed after the employee has been hired. Employee group & Employee Subgroup can be changed in Organizational assignment Action Info type is first in Personnel action.
WPBP split occurs due to ( chose 5 ) Cost Distribution Cost Assignment Planned working Time Basic Pay Org. Assignment Actions.
Which of the following is valid for live img project? ( chose 3 ) Company code can be assigned to only one controlling area You configure …in production system directly Solution landscape Personnel areas in one company can have diff country groupings Controlling area can have various country codes...
Prerequisites for creating time data IDs ( chose 2 ) Definition set subset time pair time data data type data category.
What does payroll area define? frequency of payroll start of payroll date payroll run number in payroll control record personnel sub area for which u can run payroll.
What are the pre requisites for MDT? ( chose 3 ) Should have maintained an Org Structure Should have created Chief Positions in the organizations Should have assigned a position to the Chief Communications Infotype 0105.
What are the various object types used in Standard system in OM ( chose 4 ) 1. Client 2. Job 3. Position 4. Work Centre 5. Org Unit.
The following consideration(s) should be taken into account when defining the Enterprise Structure. ( chose 3 ) . Clients are defined at the highest level of the Enterprise Structure. Company codes are defined in Financial Accounting and must be country specific and can be used to help generate default values in employee master records. Personnel Areas are defined in Human Resources and are assigned to one or more Company codes and can be used in defining authorizations. Personnel Subareas are defined in Human Resources and are assigned to one Personnel Area only and can be used in defining authorizations.
The following consideration(s) should be taken into account when defining the Personnel Structure: ( chose 2 ) The highest level of the Personnel Structure is the Employee Group which is country specific and can be used to default values for employee master data records. Employee groups are linked to the Enterprise Structure by being assigned to the Company code An Employee Subgroup can be assigned to one or more Employee Groups and used in defining authorizations Employee Subgroup can be used to define how an employee's payroll is processed.
Organizational Structure includes which of the following areas ( chose 3 ) Payroll area Company code Organizational unit’s Positions Jobs.
The following is true about Payroll Accounting ( chose 2 ) Payroll Accounting is country specific Payroll Accounting is NOT country specific Payroll Accounting does not need time evaluation Only one payroll area can be run at a time All Infotypes can be maintained while running the payroll.
The Payroll accounting area includes which functions? ( chose 3 ) The Payroll Accounting area ensures that all employees who are paid with the same frequency, e.g., weekly, area accounted in the same payroll run The Payroll Accounting area defines the exact dates of the payroll period The Payroll Accounting area can be used as selection criteria for Time Evaluation The Payroll Accounting area can be used for authorization check.
Personnel Area has which of the following functions? ( chose 3 ) A factor in generating default values Personnel Area executes the payroll driver Personnel Area can be used for selection criteria for reporting Personnel Area can be used for authorization checks Personnel Area can determine if the employee is clocked in or out.
The Organizational Assignment Infotype (IT0001) is used for which of the following purposes? ( chose 2 ) The Organizational Assignment Infotype assigns an employee to either the Enterprise Structure or the Personnel Structure IT0001 is used to allocate to the a particular frequency, e.g., bi-weekly IT0001 is used to provide the link to the Personnel Planning and Development Component (PD), if integration is active, through the Job Key IT0001 is used to allow one or more cost centers to be assigned to the employee IT0001 is used to assign Personnel Administrator, Time Administrator and Payroll Administrator -- if required -- to the employee.
Initial entry of Applicant ( chose 2 ) Applicant range Applicant group Applicant class Vacancy Recruitment Std text.
What is true with regards to Personnel Sub area? ( chose 3 ) PSA can be assigned to Company code PSA and PA are similar as they can be referred to as personnel administration PSA can be used as an entity of authorization check PSA can be used as a Selection criteria of reporting PSA is lowest level in ES.
What statements are valid for Quota deduction rule? ( chose 3 ) assigned to absences assigned to counting class assigned to absence quota assigned to rounding rule PSA grouping for Time quotas required ESG Grpg for Time quotas required.
What are the modules that use the data stored in Vacancy Infotype 1007? ( chose 3 ) 1. Personnel Cost Planning 2. Personnel Development 3. Recruitment 4. PA.
Where do you go from the “Go To” button in Org Staffing? Org Structure Simple Maintenance Editor Evaluation path in the Overview area Reporting Structure.
What does a role contain? ( chose 3 ) 1. Transaction 2. Authorisation profile 3. Authorisation 4. User Menu.
If you want to know whether employee is working on 1st of following month then.. ( chose 2) chek public holiday calendar if 1st is marked Public holiday chek monthly calendar of employee ..check day type chek planned wkg hours for that day chek if 1st is Saturday or Sunday chek if it is public holiday or off day then if any substitution has been planed for an employee then he is working.
What is true to Time constraints? (chose 2 ) 1. Time constraint 1 – Can have two records at one time 2. Time constraints control the validity date of the infotypes 3. Time constraint 1- If two records are entered, system deletes/ delimits the earlier record validity period 4. Time constraint 2- Can have gaps in between. But system extends the validity period of the previous record.
TMW Profile consists of .. ( chose 2 ) Definition Time data ID Sets Definition Time data ID Subsets Multiple employee selection option Intuitive navigation options Data set Subset.
What are subsequent Quota Generation rules? ( chose 5 ) • Counting class • Base entitlement • Accrual period • Deduction rules • Accrual entitlement • Reduction rules • Rounding rules.
In order to accrue the absence entitlements in advance and have in Contrary with customizing the absence entitlement manually the following Combinations are Possible? ( chose 4 ) • RPTQTA00 Report • Can be accrued in advance, Lump sum and in entirety • Record Manually • Manually with IT 2006 and IT 2005 • Schema TQTA.
If there are some employees for whom the avg weekly hours is 40 and for some employees it is 37 hrs, what shall be the best solution with regard to the No of DWS s, ESG and Per Sub Areas? • One PSA and 2 DWS • Two PSA and 2 DWS • One PSA and one DWS.
If Personnel subarea A & B has same work schedules but diff holiday calendar then what will you do ( chose 2 ) • Have same WS groupings for both PSA • Have diff holiday calendar assigned to WSRule but with same DWS & WS groups • Have same DWS groups for both but have different PWS for both • Have diff ESG group for both PSA.
What statements are valid for TMW? ( chose 3 ) Data entered in TMW in form of time IDs are automatically transferred to info types Prerequisites are user authorizations TMW Profile Definition set & subset Employee lists in selection area can be done via selection IDs You design an Infoset and assign it to TMW profile.
What is true with regards to absences? ( chose 3 ) • Absences are recorded for business trips • Absences can be recorded manually in IT2001 • Absences are recorded through time recording machines and recorded data is transferred to IT 2001 • Quota is employees entitlement with regards to absences.
TMW Profile consists of : ( chose 2 ) • Multiple employee selection option • Definition Time data ID Sets • Data set • Definition Time data ID Subsets • Intuitive navigation options • Subset.
TMW Views ( chose 4 ) • Multi day • Multi person • Team view • Multi task • One day.
TMW can be recorded in ( chose 8 ) • 2001 • 2002 • 2003 • 2004 • 2010 • 2007 • 2006 • 2011 • 2012.
Statement related question on deduction rules? ( chose 3 ) • The entitlement over field applies in deduction rules deducting from subsequent absence and attendance quota types • Deduction rules can be created for multiple quotas • Counting rules applicable for multiple quota types • RPTBPC10 report is for subsequent quota deduction rules.
What are the options for employees to enter their absences? ( chose 3 ) 1. CATS 2. ESS 3. Time recording Machines 4. TMW.
What do you maintain at TMW? ( chose 4 ) • Absences • Attendances • Absence Quotas • Substitutions • Time Transfer Specification(2012).
What are the options for employees to enter their absences? ( chose 3 ) • CATS • Time recording Machines • ESS • TMW.
Employee can maintain his /her absences via ( chose 3) - MSS - ESS - Time recording terminals - Time CATS - MDT - TMW.
What statements are valid for counting rule for Absence /Attendance type? ( chose 5 ) - Day grouping - ESG Grpg for PCR - ESG Grpg for A/A types - PSA Grg for a/A types - Day type - DWS Class - Counting class for PWS - DWS Variant.
What statements are valid for Quota deduction rule? ( chose 2 ) - assigned to absences - assigned to counting class - PSA grouping for Time quotas required - assigned to absence quota - ESG Grpg for Time quotas required.
What are the wage types that are stored in Infotypes? 1. Primary wage types 2. Technical wage types 3. Statement WT 4. Derived WT.
WPBP table contains • Basic pay change data • Work schedule rule • Work schedule • Work center data.
CAP is for... ESGG grouping For Personnel subarea.
Organizational management integrates with? ( chose 2 ) Workflow Plant maintenance Project systems Sales and distribution Controlling.
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