C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 4 - Internal Orders

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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 4 - Internal Orders

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At what organizational level are internal orders created? SAP client Company code Controlling area Operating concern.
True or False: Internal orders can be used to collect revenue. True False.
If activated, availability control offers which benefit? Used to notify the budget manager that budget is depleted Uses plan values to create a budget Used with postings to update commitments.
Where do you activate commitment management for internal orders? There are two correct answers. Controlling area Company code Order type Budget profile.
Which of the following are features of SAP system status? There are two correct answers. Controls the lifecycle of an order Can be configured Requires a status profile Determines which business transactions can post to an order.
Which of the following does the budget profile control? Planning level Availability control Allocation structure.
Which of the following are assigned to an order type? There are three correct answers. The number range for orders The description of the order General parameters for settlement, planning, and budgeting The profit center of the order The status profile.
Tolerance limits are assigned to which organization level? Order type SAP client Controlling area.
Which of the following are organizational assignments contained in the order master? There are three correct answers. Company code Order type Controlling area Business area Cost center.
Which of the following can be a receiver for an internal order settlement? There are three correct answers. A fixed asset A settlement profile A general ledger (G/L) account A cost object A statistical key figure.
True or False: Planning for internal orders is required in SAP S/4HANA. True False.
When using budgeting and availability control for internal orders, at which action is an email sent to the budget manager? When the original budget is entered on the order When spending on the order will exceed the third tolerance limit When spending on the order will exceed the second tolerance limit.
Which feature can be used to settle certain costs to different receivers? Settlement profile Source structure PA transfer structure.
Which element of an overhead costing sheet identifies the sender of the overhead? Calculation base Credit key Overhead amount.
Which setting controls where fields are positioned on the internal order master record? Status profile Field selection Order layout.
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