C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 9 - Reporting

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C_TS4CO_1709 - Chapter 9 - Reporting

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True or False: Controlling data extracted with Report Painter in SAP S/4HANA is read directly from historical tables. True False.
What are the benefits of SAP Analysis for Office? There are two correct answers. Execute drilldown reports Real-time data views Excel spreadsheet functions Graphical analysis.
What are the functions of CDS views? There are two correct answers. Data is read from SAP HANA tables. All historical reports are replaced. Traditional reports aren’t disrupted. Data is written to historical tables.
True or False: Report Painter can be used across SAP business processes. True False.
When is it appropriate to use SAP Lumira? There are two correct answers. Data visualization is required. Real-time transactions are required. Day-to-day operations efficiency is needed. Data is contained in different sources.
What are characteristics of drilldown reports? There are two correct answers. You can use drilldown reporting in Report Painter reports. You can slice and dice the data in different ways. You must re-execute a report to see a new view. You can analyze complex data.
What are the benefits of WYSIWYG reporting functions? There are two correct answers. Report developers can see output prior to execution. Reports can use drilldown functions. Report developers can see report changes immediately. Reports are displayed in a visual format.
What are good applications of drilldown reports? There are two correct answers. Production order analysis Profit center analysis CO-PA data analysis Cost center analysis.
Which reporting tools require IT support? There are two correct answers. ABAP reports CDS views Drilldown reports SAP HANA queries.
True or False: The Query Browser only accesses SAP HANA foundation tables. True False.
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