C_TS4FI_1809 - Chapter 2 - General Ledger Accounting

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C_TS4FI_1809 - Chapter 2 - General Ledger Accounting

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Your customer operates 20 company codes in 10 different countries and three continents. What is the minimum number of clients you must configure in the SAP S/4HANA system to depict this scenario? 3 10 1 2Q.
What types of objects are maintained separately per client? (There are three correct answers.) Master data ABAP programs Organizational units Transactional data Function modules.
True or False: You can install as many SAP Best Practices packages as needed in the same client. True False.
What can you manually select to copy when you copy a company code? (There are three correct answers.) Controlling area assignment User profiles and roles General ledger account data Company code currency Document splitting rules.
What are the three basic steps required to define a new company code? (There are three correct answers.) Adjust global parameters Copy existing company code Copy existing controlling area Define new segments Adjust basic and address data.
Which of the following assignments can be adjusted for the company code? (There are three correct answers.) Company Fiscal year variant Segment Chart of accounts Leading ledger.
True or False: You need to assign the workflow variant to a company code to be able to perform standard workflow scenarios such as parked document approvals. True False.
Which of the following organizational units are part of the enterprise structure of financial accounting? (There are three correct answers.) Functional area Operating concern Business area Plant Segment.
Which of the following account assignments can you configure the system to create complete balance sheet reports for? (There are three correct answers.) Cost center Profit center Segment Company code Profitability segment.
True or False: You assign the operating concern used for profitability analysis directly to the company code. True False.
True or False: To integrate financial accounting with Purchasing, you must assign the purchasing organization to the company code. True False.
What types of chart of accounts are there? (There are three correct answers.) Organizational chart of accounts Country chart of accounts Functional chart of accounts Operational chart of accounts Group chart of accounts.
Which objects can define the maximum length of a general ledger account? (There are two correct answers.) Chart of accounts Field status group Account type Account group.
True or False: With the block indicator set on the chart of accounts, you can no longer perform postings to the company codes assigned. True False.
Which fields in the company code definition of a general ledger account are always required? (There are two correct answers.) Sort Key Account Currency Field Status Group Group Account.
When creating a general ledger account and there are conflicting field statuses, which field status has the highest priority? Display Optional Suppress Required.
What is the secondary cost general ledger account type used for? To post to two cost controlling account assignments at the same time To post activities that aren’t from the main businesses of the company To post internal cost allocations in management accounting To post cost Controlling account assignments statistically for fixed asset and material accounts.
What is the relationship between accounts of the operating chart of accounts and the local chart of accounts? One operating account to many local accounts Many operating accounts to one local account Many operating accounts to many local accounts One operating account to one local account.
You have to map two accounting principles for accounting. Using the accounts approach to parallel valuation in SAP S/4HANA, which ledger must you use? No ledger Leading ledger Extension ledger Special purpose ledger.
True or False: When you create a new standard ledger from scratch, it’s assigned to all company codes by default. True False.
You indicate that you’re posting to the ledger group of an extension ledger. How many ledgers are updated? Only the extension ledger The extension ledger and the underlying ledger The leading ledger and the extension ledger It depends on the ledgers grouped in the ledger group.
True or False: When using the accounts approach to parallel valuation for mapping to accounting principles, you’ll essentially double the general ledger accounts in the chart of accounts. True False.
True or False: You can use an extension ledger to depict a separate accounting principle. True False.
True or False: SAP S/4HANA comes preconfigured with common accounting principles and corresponding accounting rules and checks assigned. True False.
What is defined with the fiscal year variant? (There are two correct answers.) Open and closed fiscal periods Start and end dates of the calendar year Start and end dates of the fiscal year Number of fiscal periods in a year.
How many custom currency types can you assign to a company code/ledger combination? 6 8 10 12.
What does the posting key define? (There are two correct answers.) Account type Document type Tax code Debit or credit line.
What can you control with the tolerance group? (There are three correct answers.) Maximum amount per open item Maximum amount per document Maximum permitted payment differences Maximum tax amount Maximum exchange rate deviation.
What do you define for a tax code? (There are two correct answers.) Tax percentage rates Fixed tax amount Tax relevant accounts Valid tax types.
Which document splitting setting for the segment characteristic will ensure that no document line will be posted without a segment? Inheritance Zero balance Mandatory field Passive split.
Your company code is assigned to two standard ledgers and one extension ledger. You post an invoice with one expense line item with a 10% VAT (sales) tax. How many line items are posted in the document entry view (table BSEG)? 2 3 4 6.
Your company code is assigned to two standard ledgers and one extension ledger. You post an invoice with one expense line item with a 10% VAT (sales) tax. How many line items are updated in the Universal Journal (table ACDOCA)? 2 3 4 6.
Which date defines the period a document can be posted to? Document date Valuation date Posting date Entry date.
Which of the following fields can be configured as changeable in a document header? Document Type Posting Date Document Date Document Reference.
What fields do you have to enter to make a document reversal? (There are two correct answers.) Document Type Document Date Posting Date Reversal Reason.
True or False: A negative posting reversal debits the credit line items and debits the credit line items of the original document. True False.
True or False: A customer account can be defined as the clearing account for cross-company code postings. True False.
True or False: Using cost of sales accounting can lead to a different result (profit/loss amount) at the end of a period compared to period accounting. True False.
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