Chapter 3 social studies test

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Chapter 3 social studies test

Maya, Aztec, and Anasazi

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Who invented the idea of the number zero? Maya Aztec Anasazi.
Which was the Aztec capital city? Tikal Tenochtitlan Mesa Verde.
Which was an ancient Mayan city? Tikal Tenochtitlan Mesa Verde.
Mesa Verde was built by the ______. Maya Aztec Anasazi.
The Anasazi lived in what region of the U.S.? southwest southeast northwest northeast.
At its height, Tenochtitlan had a population of about _______. 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000.
Present day Mexico City used to be known as ________. Tikal Mesa Verde Tenochtitlan.
Four Corners is a place where the borders of which four states meet? Colorado, New Mexico, California, Utah Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah California, Mexico, Arizona, Utah Colorado, Mexico, Arkansas, Utah.
A Mayan city An Aztec city An Anasazi village.
surplus drought artifact.
civilization archaeologist empire.
kiva tribute Tenochtitlan.
The Anasazi took prisoners to use as slaves and to sacrifice to Aztec gods. true false.
The Maya built monuments to ask their gods for success in war and for a good harvest. true false.
The Anasazi built an island city with bridges and causeways. true false.
The Maya lived in present day Mexico and Guatemala. true false.
The Aztec lived in present day Kansas. true false.
The Aztec were called People of the Moon. true false.
The Maya used symbols in place of written words. true false.
The Aztec built apartment-style villages beneath cliffs. true false.
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