Chapter-6: SAP Financials Cross Topics

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Chapter-6: SAP Financials Cross Topics

Chapter-6: SAP Financials Cross Topics

Rankanidhi Panigrahy
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When adding a bank to the bank directory, which field is required? Company Code Opening Date Currency Country.
What is defined in the bank account connectivity path settings? Payment approvers for workflows Business partner assigned to the bank House bank account ID details Relevant profit center and segment.
What are the differences between holding and parking documents? (There are two correct answers.) The held document doesn't have a document number assigned The held document can be incomplete. The parked document can trigger workflow processes The parked document is considered for financial statements.
On which level is the workflow variant assigned? Company Company Code Business partner Profit Centre.
How can you differentiate the workflow process on the business partner level? Assign different workflow release group Assign different payment method Assign different business partner groupings Assign different responsible organization unit.
True or False: Subworkflows define the number of release levels in the workflow process True False.
What are the basic definitions you make for validations? (There are three correct answers.) Prerequisite Check Rule Set Message.
At which levels can validations and substitutions for FI be defined? (There are three correct answers.) Line item System data Universal Journal Complete document Header.
True or False: A single substitution step can be defined to substitute multiple fields in a document. True False.
True or False: Multisets can be created if they combine data from basic sets that all group the same characteristic True False.
What is the main motivation for creating rules for substitutions and validations? Simpler definition tools Reuse in multiple steps Not bound by Boolean logic Additional fields available.
What are the steps in the Customizing of data archiving? {There are three correct answers.) Define archiving storage locations Perform cross-object Customizing. Define table partitions Activate data aging objects Perform object-specific Customizing.
What is a reason for performing data archiving? To have fewer downtime cycles To control hardware requirements To protect data from being lost To back up data on a separate drive.
True or False: If you can delete a G/L account for a company code, you can also remove it from the chart of accounts True False.
True or False: You execute data aging separately for each data aging object True False.
Which of the following is a difference between data aging and data archiving? Data aging allows you to retrieve the aged data for analysis Data aging frees up memory space Data archiving removes data from the database. Data archiving has advanced logging capabilities. Practice.
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