Circular Motion and Gravitation

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Circular Motion and Gravitation

MCQ questions-Critical thinking

Sudipta Kumar Roy
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What is the direction of speed of an object in circular motion? Along the radius. Perpendicular to radius Parallel to force acting on moving object. None of these.
State the nature of centripetal force. It is the initial force It is the final force It is the net force It is always zero.
If an electron moves around the nucleus in circular path which of the ststement is false? Electron does maximum work Electron experioenes electrostatic force Electron experiences gravitational force The net force is centripetal force.
Earth and Moon are held together because Only earth attracts moon Only moon attracts earth Earth attracts moon with more force Both attract each other with same force.
Gravity on Jupitar is 25 m/s^2. What does this statement mean? It means Jupitar has greater gravity than earth. It means Jupitar pulls earth at rate of 25 m/s^2 It means on Jupitar 25N of force is applied per unit mass. None of the above.
If we drop an object at center of earth what would happen? It will fly off as if infinite gravity It will jump back to surface It will remain there as if no gravity It will break.
What is the difference between gravitation force and elctrostatic force? Gravitation force depends on charge and mass Gravitation force is stronger than electrostatic force Electrostatic force does not depend on mass Electrostatic force is weaker than gravitational force.
In given image what is the direction of net force of attraction (gravitational force) between three stars due to B? The resultant force would be between A and B The resultant force would be between A and C The resultant force would be between C and B.
In the image a bob is moving in circular motion. Express force F in terms of angle Ɵ. T Sin Ɵ T Cos Ɵ T Tan Ɵ T Cot Ɵ.
In the image what is the centripetal force (Fc) in terms of tension in string? T SinƟ T CosƟ T TanƟ T CotƟ.
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