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Core java basics

Archan Singh
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Which of these is the keyword to invoke a private method? public protected friend extend const.
Which of these is the coorect way to declare an array poi of size 40? int poi[40]=new int poi; int poi[]=new int poi int poi[]=new int[40]; int poi[]=new Int[39];.
Which of these is true about char literals? enclosed in' ' may not contain numbers maynot have a word also none of these.
Predict the output of the following code snippet:- int a=4,c=10; double b=7; while(c>12) { b=++b/--a*++a; } System.out.println(b); 6.000000 6 5.5755555 Logical error at compile time.
Which is true about an object? it is a derivation of class it is an instance of a class it is base class.
Which of the following is the correct syntax to create an object hello of class Welcome? Welcome Hello=new Hello; Welcome hello=new hello Welcome(); Welcome hello=new welcomehe(); Welcome =new hello; Welcome hello=new Welcome None of theses.
Write true or false. Statement:- overuse of static import featue can make ones program unmaintainable and unreadable. True False.
What is true about default constructor? It is a parameterized constructor. It returns no value. It has the same name as the class It is a formal constructor.
Fill in. A Class which inherits is call____________class and the class from which it inherts is called the _____________class using__________keyword. base,child,super child,base,extends child,base,super derived,child,extends derived,parent,super.
Java follows these concepts. oops ooop ppoops poos .net framework Javascript ooopps.
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