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which of the following are view annotations for a CDS view?(Choose three) Client Handling Buffering Type Access Control Environment Semantics.
User STUDENT_A creates and activates a design-time object. In Which schema is the runtime object generated?(Choose one) _SYS_BI SYSTEM _SYS_BIC STUDENT_A.
You use ABAP Database Connectivity (ADBC) to issue native SQL calls to the database. Which of the following methods of class CL_SQL_RESULT_SET retrieve the result set of the native SQL call?(Choose one) SET_PARAM EXECUTE_QUERY NEXT_PACKAGE SET_PARAM_TABLE.
You create a new table definition using the ABAP Dictionary and maintain the database-specific settings.(Choose one) To limit the data footprint To limit the unpacking and reconstruction of rows To limit the need of indexes. To allow creation of a full-text index.
you define a Core Data Service(CDS) view. For which of the following expressions and built-in functions must you provide an allies?(Choose three) Nested CASE expression CAST expression Currency conversion Unite Conversion CASE expression.
In a graphical calculation view, you want to implement a union between two result sets that differ only in the fact that one of the two --------- Additional field named ADDRESS. How can you achieve this in a union node?(Choose two) Map the ADDRESS field to a constant value Create an input parameter for the ADDRESS field Create a restricted column for the ADDRESS field Exclude the ADDRESS field from the union.
Which tasks does the ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP) framework perform?(Choose two) Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure asynchronously Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure synchronously Create a new version of the database procedure when the AMDP is first activated. Create a new version of the database procedure when the AMDP is first called.
Which of the following categories of parameters can you use in the definition of an ABAP Managed Database Procedure (AMDP)? (Choose three) Receiving Returning Changing Importing Exporting.
What are best practices when programming in ABAP for SAP HANA?(Choose two) Use repeated SELECT SINGLE statements to ensure that you only read a row if it is really required Use a column list in the select clause to ensure that you only read a column if it is really required Eliminates nested SELECT statements to reduce the overall number of database accesses Calculates aggregations using ABAP code on the application server to limit database load.
What are some of the features available for SAP List viewer with integrated Data Access(SALV IDA)? (Choose three) Group rows Edit cells Double-click on rows Display diagram Search in content.
You changed an SAP HANA object that you transported using an SAP HANA Transport container. You want to the transport with your changes. In which sequence do you perform activities in the ABAP development system imidiatly before the release. (Choose one) • Open the ABAP transport request. • Select take snapshot and save. • Activate the SAP HANA Transport Container. • Open the SAP HANA Transport Container. • Select Take Snapshot and Save. • Activate the SAP HANA Transport Container. • Open the package. • Select Take Snapshot and save. • Activate the SAP HANA delivery unit. • Activate the SAP HANA transport Container. • Open the SAP HANA delivery unit. • Select Take Snapshot and save. • Activate the SAP HANA delivery unit • Activate the SAP HANA transport Container.
Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real-time application.( choose two) SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server(SAP SLT) SAP Replication Server SAP Data Services SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection(SAP DXC).
Which of the following repository objects can you edit only in ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse and NOT in the classical ABAP (Choose three) Core Data Services(CDS) view Full-text index Database Procedure Proxy ABAP program containing new Open SQL External view.
Which data source can you use for SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access?(Choose three) CDS view External view Internal table Database procedure Database table.
One of your SAP system needs to be migrated from its current database to an SAP HANA database . You want to avoid any function after the migration. (Choose three) Native SQL statements B. Direct access to a cluster on the database. C. Left outer joins in Open SQL statements D. ORDER BY clauses in Open SQL statements E. Code that relies on implicit database sorting.
How many results sets are returned when an SAP HANA database procedure is called using the CALL …WITH OVERVIEW Statement? (Choose one) A. Two results sets B. As many result sets as there are tables output parameters in the procedure. C. As many result sets as there are input parameters in the procedure. D. One result set.
You use the ABAP trace (SAT) to measure the runtime of a program in a class , method X checks the validity of it’s importing parameters calls method Y. What pattern of gross and net runtime would you expect to see in the ABAP Trace results for method X? (Choose one) A. The gross and net runtimes are identical B. The net runtime is equal to zero C. The net runtime is grater than the gross runtime D. The net runtime is less than the gross runtime.
You want to debug an ABAP program using ABAP Development Tools(ADT) How do you launch the debugger?(Choose one) A. Choose the Run ->Debug option in the menu B. Create a Debug Configuration for the ABAP application and run the program. C. Choose the Debug As option in the context menu of the ABAP program D. Set a breakpoint in the ABAP program and execute the program.
You import an ABAP workbench request into an SAP system PB1. The ABAP workbench request contains a single SAP HANA view CA_CUSTOMER that belongs to package ZHA400_00. Which prerequisites are mandatory for an implicit development of the SAP HANA view onto the database ?(Choose two) A. View CA_CUSTOMER has development mode A. B. Package ZHA400_00 has development mode A C. System PB1 has SAP HANA as primary database. D. Package ZHA400 is listed in table SNHI_DUP_PREWORK.
In an ABAP Core Data Service(CDS) view, What must you do to expose an association for use in another CDS view?(Choose one) A. Specify the other views in which the association can be used. B. Include all fields used in the ON condition in the projection list C. Define the cardinality for the target entity D. Specify an alias for the target entity.
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