DG7UFPA - EN - 051 - 100

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DG7UFPA - EN - 051 - 100

DG7UFPA - EN - 051 - 100


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51 - Which of the following can you use to enhance SAP standard tables and structures with fields? Field exits Append structures Append search helps Customizing includes.
52 - Which data type is allowed for the reference field of the Currency field? DEC CUKY CURR UNIT.
53 - In which modularization units can you use parameters? Subroutines Function modules Dialog modules such as PBO modules Event blocks such as START-OF-SELECTION Methods.
54 - Which type of transport task is used when you modify SAP standard objects? Workbench Transportof copies Repair Development/Correction.
55 - What is the predefined reference variable used in ABAP OO to address the object itself? ME THIS SELF SUPER.
56 - You want to develop a validation routine for a selection screen field. If a wrong value is entered into the field an error message should be displayed and the focus should move to the field. Which event do you use to achieve this? AT SELECTION-SCREEN END-OF-SELECTION INITIALIZATION START-OF-SELECTION.
57 - Which steps are needed when implementing the singleton concept for class instantiation with minimum coding? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Create an event that returns the instance of the class. Define the instantiation of the class as private. Define the class as abstract. Create an instance of the class in a static constructor. Save the instance of the class in a static attribute.
58 - dbtab is a transparent table. What is declared by the following statement? DATA myvar TYPE dbtab. A structure variable A reference to an internal table Anelementary field Aninternal table.
59 - What must you do to define a database view using the ABAP Dictionary? Choose the fields from the tables that should be part of the view. Define buffering settings for the underlying database tables. Choose the database tables from where the view acquires data. Define selection criteria for the view. Define the join conditions between the tables.
60 - When would you call the RFC function module synchronously? During queue processing During interactive communication During two-way communication During unidirectional communication.
61 - What happens when an authorization check fails? The system field SY-SUBRC is set to a value other than zero. The programis terminated. A CX_AUTH_FAILED type exception is raised. A type E message is displayed.
62 - In a subclass, you want to redefine a method of the super class. Which of the following conditions must be fulfilled? The super class method is an instance method The super class method is abstract The subclass method has a lower visibility than the super class method The subclass method has same visibility as the super class method.
63 - Why should you bundle database updates in your dialog programs? To avoid database locks set by an SQL statement that persists until the end of the program To allow you to use SAP locks to ensure data consistency To process the SAP LUW within the database LUW to ensure data consistency To be able to rollback database changes performed in the same dialog step.
64 - How would you define a method of an ABAP class to prevent this method from being available in a subclass? Protected Abstract Private Final.
65 - How is an ABAP program with several dialog steps executed? The program is always executed in just one dialog work process with roll out. The program is always executed in just one dialog work process without roll out The ABAP dispatcher takes over the entire execution without assigning any work process. Usually, dialog steps are assigned to different dialog work processes.
66 - What can you use to achieve polymorphism? Events Inheritance Reports Subroutines.
67 - The USER has the following fields: ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME. FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME have the same basic type and length. You want to compare fields FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME to each other. Which of the following SELECT statements can you use?CAIU NO MEU EXAME SELECT*FROM users AS a INTO TABLE It_users WHERE a first_name = last_name. SELECT*FROM users INTO TABLE It_users WHERE first name = users »last_name. SELECT*FROM users AS a INTO TABLE It_users WHERE a»first_name = a»last_name SELECT*FROM users INTO TABLE It_users WHERE first_name = users last_name.
68 -You define a generic variable that can hold the ABAP types C, D, N, STRING, and T. You want to restrict the use of other ABAP types. Which generic data type must you use in the definition? SIMPLE CLIKE DATA CSEQUENCE.
69 - Which statement is used to generically define the data reference variable z1? data z1 type any data z1 type ref to data data z1 type any table data z1 type ref to PA0001.
70 - Using the screen system table, what can you modify through a LOOP AT SCREEN … ENDLOOP construct? Values of screen elements Screen status Attributes of screen elements Function code of buttons.
71 - Which of the following must you define to activate the table? The foreign key The primary key A short description The MANDT field A delivery class.
72 - Which of the following interface technologies are available in SAP systems? RFC Ethernet ODBC OLE HTTP.
73 - Where can you set the GUI status and the GUI title for a classical screen (dynpro)? In a module called from PBO of the screen In the properties of the related header UI element In a module called from PAI of the screen In the attributes of the screen.
74 - Which desktops are part of the new ABAP debugger? Objects Desktop 1 Break./Watchpoints List Session.
75 - Which of the following customer modifications options are available in the table maintenance generator? Events Append searches Search helps Maintenance screens.
76 - Which of the following values are replaceable in debugger mode? Variables Tablenames Field names Constants.
77 - Which boundary conditions lead to improved access time to an internal table? Fully qualified key for sorted tables Index access for hashed tables Left justified part of key for hashed tables Left justified part of key for sorted tables Index access for standard tables.
78 - You display the content of an internal table using an ALV grid control. The content of the internal table changes during the program. Which CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class method can you use to display the changed content? REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PAI REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PBO SET_TABLE _FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY in module PBO SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY in module PAI.
79 - You have implemented a class CL_CUSTOMER in which you defined a private attribute. From where can you access this attribute directly? From all methods of the class CL_CUSTOMER From any program using the class CL_CUSTOMER From all methods of a class to which CL_CUSTOMER grants friendship From all methods of all subclasses of CL_CUSTOMER.
80 - Which comparison operators can you use in a logical expression related to the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement? CO (containsonly) EQ (equals) GT (greaterthan) CP (covers pattern) LIKE (fitspattern).
81 - You are writing a function module that will be called from external system via remote function call (RFC). How do you report an error back to the external caller? Write the error data into TABLES parameters that is passed by reference. Write the error data into an EXPORTING parameters passed by reference. Write the error data into a CHANGING parameters passed by value. Write the error data into a RECEIVING parameter that is passed by value.
82 - What can you create using the ABAP Dictionary? Domains Field symbols Internaltables Transparent tables Type pools.
83 - You created a transparent table and during activation got a warning message "Enhancement category for table missing". What do you have to do to eliminate the warning message? Provide the correct reference field for the Currency or Quantity field. Select any option other than Not Classified from the enhancement category Change the Data Class and Size category in the technical settings. Select the option Not Classified from the enhancement category.
84 - Which of the following capabilities is provided by the Application Layer platform of SAP Netweaver? Business process management Multi-channelaccess Master data management Database and operating system abstraction.
85 - In an ABAP program you have the following code sequence :CAIU NO MEU EXAME DATA text TYPE string. DATA Text_ref TYPE REF TO string. DATA data_ref TYPE REF TO data. FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE any Text = ‘Content of Data Object’ GET REFERENCE OF text INTO data_ref. Which of the following pieces of code can you use to output the content of variable text? ASSIGN data_ref->* TO<fs> WRITE <fs> WRITE data_ref->*. text_ref ?= data_ref. WRITE text_ref->*. GET REFERENCE OF data_ref->* INTO text_ref. WRITE text_ref->*.
86 - What do global types and local types have in common? Search help Documentation Field labels Technical information.
87 - What is the purpose of implicit enhancement points? To add code to a standard SAP program To add fields to an SAP database table To create a secondary index for an SAP database table To change code in a standard SAP program.
88 - In an ABAP program, you to assign an initial value to an elementary data object when you define it. Which addition must you use? READ-ONLY VALUE DEFAULT OBLIGATORY.
89 - You want to use a BAdI to extend the functions of an SAP program. Which of the following tasks is necessary? Define an interface for the BAdI. Implement a class that implements the BAdI interface. CalltheBAdI Create an enhancement project using a customer exit.
90 - Which of the following is an implicit enhancement? Private method Protected method Pre-method Overwrite method.
91 - DOG is a subclass of ANIMAL. You have created a variable of type ANIMAL that references an instance of the DOG class. Which of the following statements can you use to copy this reference to a new variable of type DOG? WRITE……TO…… MOVE……?TO…… MOVE-CORRESPONDING…… TO…… MOVE…. TO…..
92 - What is the SAP recommended naming convention for append structures of standard SAP tables? The name of the append structure must start with ZZ or YY. The name of the append structure must start with ZA. The components of an append structure should start with Z or Y. The components of an append structure should start with ZZ or YY.
93 - Which hook method exists for all controller types? wddoinit( ) wddoonopen( ) wddoonclose( ) wddobeforenavigation( ).
94 - How do you program an input validation on a selection screen that allows users to correct their input? Implement the check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN. In case of an input error, a type A MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement a check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement the check at the event AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed. Implement the check at the event END-OF-SELECTION. In case of an input error, a type E MESSAGE must be displayed.
95 - Which of the following can you define in the technical settings of a transparent table? Size category Data class Buffering type Table name Delivery class.
96 - Which of the following function types in a GUI status are reserved for internal use? E-EXIT H-HELP REQUEST S- SYSTEM T-TRANSACTION.
97 - Which of the following items are used in a Web Dynpro Application to transport database data to the user interface? Supply function Inbound plug Interface controller Context node.
98 - What do you need to have in your program to respond to the DOUBLE_CLICK event raised by an instance of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class? A handler method for the event A method to read the registration table A CATCH statement to capture the event A handler class A Set handler statement to register the handler to the event.
99 - You want to add a field ZZPRICE to the SAP standard transparent table EKKO.CAIU NO MEU EXAME Which of the following actions result in an enhancement of the SAP standard? Insert ZZPRICE into an SAP structure for the table Add ZZPRICE to the customizing include for the table Create an append structure and add ZZPRICE to it. Insert ZZPRICE at the end of the table.
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