English test 6º ano 4º bimestre 2011

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English test 6º ano 4º bimestre 2011


Teacher Haidê
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What time is it? 5:00 It is four o'clock. It is five. It is five o'clock. it is five five.
What time is it? 6:45 It is fou four five It is six forty-five It is six forty five It is six four five.
What time is it? 5:27 It is five two seven It is five twenty seven it is five-two-seven It is five twenty-seven.
Mark the option that is a subject: fun easy History difficult.
Mark the option that presents "qualities": fun, portuguese, boring book, pencil, fun, boring history, geography, english, portuguese fun, easy, difficult, boring.
Mark the option that presents "activities": fun, easy, borin, interesting play soccer, watch TV, study english, read a book art, english, science, history book, pencil, pen, eraser.
pencil case is lápis estojo caderno mochila.
Window is mesa chão porta janela.
What time is it? 5:25 10:15 8:27 4:35.
What time is it? 4:40.
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