English test 8º ano 4 bimestre 2011

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English test 8º ano 4 bimestre 2011


Teacher Haidê
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Carlos Drummond de Andrade is a composer writer inventor filmmaker.
A person who studies hard is: neat messy bossy hardworking.
A person who talks all the time is: neat talkative quiet calm.
Santos Dumont invented an airplane. He was an composer writer inventor painter.
that man likes to give orders. He is bossy funny creative neat.
The clown is neat hardworking funny bossy.
An explorer is a person who writers songs a person who leads people a person who travels and discovers new places. a person who studies hard.
An inventor is a person who writes plays for the theater. a person who invents things. a person who sings very well. a person who plays soccer.
Lula is a composer writer scientist political leader.
Match the words neat outgoing messy bossy.
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