English basic 1

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English basic 1

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daniel oyagata
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como se dice conejo en ingles: rabbit mouse cow horse.
como se dice: yo juego cartas, en ingles: I play cards I play soccer I go to the park.
Cual es el significado del verbo to be, en castellano: estoy o no estoy voy o estare ser o estar ir no ir.
Cual es el significado de este verbo: forget en castellano. perdonar olvidar separar comentar.
I haven't got..... no money money. some money.
John is the manager, you need to speak to ... it. him her.
The room was empty. There ..... there. wasn't nobody was anybody was nobody.
The kitchen can't be dirty he ..... is just clean it. have just cleaned it. just clean it. has just cleaned it.
I haven't got …… no brothers or sisters brothers or sisters any brothers or sisters some brothers and sisters.
..... Caviar in the fridge. There isn’t no There is any There isn’t any There aren’t no.
I have Flamenco classes …… on Saturday afternoons in Saturday afternoons at Saturday afternoons by Saturday afternoons.
We have to go to the supermarket ..... some bread and milk.. for getting to get to getting for to get.
I’ve lost my passport. I can’t find it .... anywhere. nowhere. everywhere. somewhere.
Have you...?. got any friends in Barcelona not got no friends in Barcelona in Barcelona any friends friends in Barcelona got.
Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ........there!. was nobody is anybody wasn't nobody was somebody.
.... orange juice in the fridge There isn’t no There is any There isn’t any There aren’t no.
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