ERP - HCM Second Level Of Training- Exam

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ERP - HCM Second Level Of Training- Exam

L2 SAP Training Evaluation on OM/PA/TM/PY

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1. Identify the relevant Job name for position Sales Manager. A. Clerk B. Manager C. Supervisor D. Specialist.
2. Which Transaction code is used to create Position? A. PO13 B. PO10 A. PPOME C. PA30.
3. What is the navigation path to create Job A. Human resources -> personnel Management -> Organization management B. Organization management -> Human Resources -> Personnel administration C. Human resources -> Organization management -> Expert mode D. Human resources -> Expert mode -> Organization management.
4. The object type Organization unit is identified with the following A. P B. O C. C D. K.
5. Which Transaction code is used to hire employee A. PA 40 B. PA30 C. PA10 D. PA03.
6. Identify the first infotype displayed during Hiring action A. IT0001 B. IT0000 C. IT0002 D. IT0003.
7. Which Transaction code is used to change Infotype data? A. PP01 B. PA30 C. PA20 D. PO13.
8. Work schedule Rule is assigned in which of the following infotype. A. 0007 B. 0002 C. 0008 D. 0001.
9. What is the Tcode of the Time data for fast entry? A. PA 71 B. PT60 C. PA30 D. PA40.
10. Which Action to take for changing the Work schedule from previous work schedule A. Copy B. Create C. Delimit D. Delete.
11. What is the Infotype used for Absence Quota A. 2006 B. 0007 C. 2001 D. 0008.
12. What is the schema used for Annual Vacation Quota Generation A. AWNT B. AWPT C. AWQAF D. AWTT.
13. Which of the following accounting area is released before running Payroll? A. Employee group B. Personnel Area C. Payroll Area D. Position.
14. Which Transaction code is used for running Off – Cycle payroll? A. PA40 B. PUOC_24 C. PPOME D. PP01.
15. Which of the below process is used to change data in Info type. A. Create B. Delimit C. Copy D. Overview.
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