Examen Certificación PS Julio 2017

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Examen Certificación PS Julio 2017

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You plan to work with networks and WBS element structures. What do you have to consider? You can assign a network header to multiple WBS elements You have to activate the operative indicator "Account assignment element" for WBS elements with activities. You have to maintain a network profile in the project profile You can reassing an activity from one network to another.
You intend to work with predefined project coding masks to create project definitions. What do you have to consider? The standard project definition must differ from the definition of the operative project. You can create a project coding mask X... even if there are project numbers beginning with X. You can use only numbers for a project coding mask definition. You can use an indicator to determine that only coded project numbers may be used within the Project System.
The system status of a WBS element is created (CRTD). No status profile is assigned to this WBS element. Which business process is allowed for this WBS element? Good receipt for purchase orders Creation of purchase orders Calculation of actual values Activity allocation.
Where do you control whether a project stock is managed as valuated or non-valuated project stock? In the material master In the WBS element In the network activity In the project definition.
In your project, you work with a network and external activities. You have created a purchase requisition. The corresponding purchase order is created as well. Now, you increase the quantity of the external activity. How does the system support this scenario? The purchase order can be updated in Good Receipt for Purchase Order (MIGO). The purchase order is updated automatically to match the purchase requisition while saving the project. A workflow can be triggered to inform the purchasing group. No system support is required,since the purchase order and the purchase requisition are always split.
You want to create purchase requisitions for the materials used in your project. However, after releasing the project, no purchase requisition has been created. What could be the reason? Note: The are 2 correct answers to this questions. The item category of the materials is set to Non-Stock Item The procurement type in the material master is set to In-house Production The item category of the materials is set to Stock Item The materials have no material numbers.
Which sales documents can update planned revenues on WBS elements? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Sales order Quotation Billing Inquiry.
How can you update the degree of processing for an activity? By using results analysis By changing the activity By scheduling the activity By confirming the activity.
How can the system activate requirements (such as reservations or purchase requisitions)? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. When releasing a network or an activity Immediately, by saving the project Automatically, using the requirement date and the replenishment lead time Using a standard milestone activity.
Which statements regarding the creation of a new work breakdown structure (WBS elements) are true? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. A new work breakdown structure must contain up to 10 levels. A WBS element can be a planning element, an account assignment element, and a billing element at the same time. You can create several WBS elements per level. The WBS structure can contain several level 1 WBS elements. A WBS element of the new project can be assigned to a different project definition.
You want to plan costs. Therefore, you have defined a costing variant and a valuation variant for your network. Which of the following objects can be calculated via the network valuation variant? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. WBS elements Internally processed activities Material components assigned to activities Documents assigned to activities Externally processed activities.
A component is assigned to a network activity. What are the prerequisites to generate project stock reservations? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. The network is assigned to a sales order item. The "project stock" indicator is set in the project definition (non-valuated or valuated). The network activity is assigned to a WBS element. The item category of the component must be N (Non-stock item) The material master of the component must permit project stock management.
A customer uses cross-company-code projects with a top billing element and an addition billing element underneath for each company code. Although the internal billing between the lower-level WBS elements has been performed correctly, the results analysis summarizes all values to the highest billing element. Split the project into different projects according to each company code. Adjust the Customizing of the valuation method in the expert mode of the periodic results analysis accordingly. Settle the WBS elements to the highest billing element before you do the results analysis. Change the project structure so that it corresponds better to the company's organizational structure.
You have saved a network and activities with assigned material components. As soon as you release the network, you receive the error message. "Business transaction cannot be carried out". What could be the reason for this error message? Missing authorizations to release material components Missing material availability Missing budget for material components Missing reservations for material components.
You want to use sub-networks to detail networks during the course of the project. What do you consider? A sub-network cannot be defined for a superior sub-network. Maintenance orders can be defined as sub-networks. The scheduling type of a sub-network is always copied from the superior network. Sub-networks must be scheduled separately from the superior network.
Float time is calculated during scheduling. Which of the following statements about float time are correct? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question. By default, critical activities have a float time, which is less than or equal to zero. The maximum size of a free float is as large as the total float of an activity The float time of WBS elements are calculated by extrapolation. Activities with the time constraint "Must start on" always have a negative float time. Float time can be negative.
What can you plan using internal activities? Material procurement of a production order Resource-related budgets Workforce planning Multiple work centers on one internal activity.
The Engineering work center is assigned to the internal activity Drawings. The activity is released and you want to confirm working hours for the work centers "Desing, Mechanics, and Quality inspection". How can you confirm the working hours for different work centers to a single activity? Assign multiple work centers to the activity Drawings Create multiple confirmations for the activity Drawings and use the appropiate work center for each confirmation. Enter multiple work centers within a single confirmation You can not confirm working hours of different work centers to a single activity.
To which object can you assign a factory calendar? To a material component assigned to an activity element To a Network Header To a Milestone To a Relationship.
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