Fly Dragon Quest 2015

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Fly Dragon Quest 2015

Dragon Three

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Which the following values are remplaceable In debugger mode? Variables Tables names Fields names Constants.
Which of the following can you do with the ABAP debugger? Analyze memory usage Change source code Compare data objects Analyze internal tables Analyce SQL traces.
Which action ono the underlying dictionary object triggers a database table conversion? Reducing the size of a field Incerting a field of type reference Changing the order of non-key fields Inserting an append structure.
Which of the following statement can you use to set up checkpoints in an ABAP program? BREAK CHECK ASSERT LOG-POINT BREAK-POINT.
Which of the following can you do with the SAP Code Inspector? Monitor runtime bahavior Monitor backround tasks Analyze runtime data Perform static code checks.
Which of the following transactions are integrated in the ABAP Workbench tools? Oveview of Job Selection (SE37) ABAP Editor (SE38) Process Overview (SM50) Class Builder (SE24).
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