Fly Dragon Quest 2015

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Fly Dragon Quest 2015

Four Dragon

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How can you add a seccion breakpoint to your program? Set a breakpoint in the ABAP debugger and press F8 Execute command /h Set a breakpoint in the ABAP debugger and select Save Set a breakpoint in the ABAP editor.
You want to move a transport request from the development system to the subsequent system. Which of the following are prerequisites for this? All object included in the transport request must be activated The transport request must released All tasks of the transport request must be assigned to the same user The extended program check must show no warnings.
You display the content of an internal table using an ALV Grid Control. The content of the internal table changes during the program. Which CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class method can you use to display the changed content? REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PBO REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY in module PAI SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPALY in module PBO SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPALY in module PAI.
You want a validation routine for a sekection screen field if a wrong value is entered into the field an error message should be displayed and the focus should move to the field. Which event do you use to achieve this? START-OF-SELECTION END-OF-SELECTION INITIALIZATION AT-SELECTION-SCREEN.
Before you can add programming logic to your ABAP program that checks autorizations, which of the following do you have to create? An authorization role An authorization profile An authorization object An autorization field.
Which of the following includes are generated with you create a function group? LxxxxO01 LxxxxTOP LxxxxF01 LxxxxUXX.
In an ABAP program you have the following code sequence: DATA var TYPE n LENGTH 1. FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE c. ASSING var TO <fs> CASTING. Which type is used to dast the essgned memory area? The default type STRING The default type I The type of var The type of <fs>.
You define a generic variable that can hold the ABAP types C,D,N,STRING and T. You want to restrict the use of other ABAP types. Which generic data type must you use in the definition? CLIKE CSEQUENCE DATA SIMPLE.
Which of the following ABAP code lines is valid? PARAMETERS p_matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT '100' . DATA gc_matnr TYPE matnr DEFAULT '100'. STATICS s_matnr TYPE matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT '100'. SELECT-OPTIONS s_matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT '100'. CONSTANTS gc_matnr TYPE matnr VALUE 100'.
Which type of transport task is used when you modify SAP standard objects? Repair Workbench Transport of copies Development/Correction.
when would you call the RFC function module synchronously? During interactive communication During unidirectional communication During two-way communication During queue processing.
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