Fly Dragon Quest 2015

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Fly Dragon Quest 2015

Six Dragon

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Which fo the following ABAP standard types are incomplete? F X N STRING.
In an ABAP Program, you want to assing an initial value to an elementary data object when you define it. Which addition must you use? DEFAULT READ-ONLY OBLIGATORY VALUE.
Which of the following ABAP statements throws an error an the syntax check? DATA variable DATA variable(5) TYPE n. DATA variable(5) TYPE t. DATA variable(5) TYPE p.
Which of the following structures is created when you use a table type to define one of its components? Nested structure Flat structure Deep structure Append structure.
Which of the following are fully-specifield internal table types? Any Hashed Index Standard.
You created the following ABAP code: DATA x TYPE REF TO DATA. DATA y TYPE REF TO OBJECT. ASSIGN x TO <fs>. ASSIGN y TO <fs>. You want to add a declaration of <fs> to the code. Which of the following declarations are valid? FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs>. FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE any. FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE REF TO DATA. FIELD-SYMBOLS <fs> TYPE REF TO ANY.
You want to define a formal parameter to a subrutine that accepts only internal tables of types standard and type sorted as actual parameters. Which of the following generic ABAP data types must you use? Sorted table Hashed table Standard table Index table.
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