Fly Dragon Quest 2015

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Fly Dragon Quest 2015

one dragon

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Which of the following is an implicit enhancement? Pre-method Overwrite method Protected method Private method.
Which of the following can you use to enhance SAP standard tables and structures with fields? Customizing includes Appends search helps Appends structures Fields exits.
Which of the following characters is the first of a menu exit function code? & + * -.
How can you find customer exits in an ABAP program? Search for 'CALL_CUSTOMER' in the program Search for customer exits in the Repository Information System Search for 'CL_EXITHANDLER' in the program Search for customer exits in the program documentation.
Which of the following must you do to be able to use a Business Add-In (BA-dI)? Modify the adapter class Activate the enhancement project Write code for methods Create the BadI implementation.
Which of the following enhancements calls customer function module? Business Transaction Event User exit Customer exit Business Add-in(BA-dI).
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