Gospel of mark

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Gospel of mark

Test on Gospel of Mark

Norman Rahi
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How many verses does Gospel of Mark has? 678 787 786 687.
Gospel of Mark is the First Gospel Second Gospel Third Gospel fourth Gospel.
Gospel of Mark is written First Second Third Fourth.
What is the full name of Mark Johnas Marcus Johnan Maruni James Marcus Judas Maruni.
Mark worked with which disciple of Christ Peter John Mathew Paul.
Mark was intruduced to church by Paul Peter Philip Timoty.
Gospel of Mark begins with Story of John the baptist Story of Birth of Jesus Christ Story of 12 Disciples.
Gospel of Mark is written in _________ AD 60-64 70-72 80-83 90-95.
Gospel of Mathew is written in _________ AD 60-64 70-72 80-83 90-95.
Gospel of Luke is written in _________ AD 60-64 70-72 80-83 90-95.
Gospel of John is written in _________ AD 60-64 70-72 80-83 90-95.
Mark was given which name in the book of Acts John Mark Marcus Marconi.
Gospel of Mark is based on Peter's Preachings His own experience with Jesus Christ Paul's Preaching Stories told by friends.
In Bible Gospel of Mark is last of the four Gospels True False.
When the book of Mark starts who was getting baptism Jesus Peter Paul John.
Who were the first two discples jesus chosen Peter and Andrew John and James Philip and Thomas Judas and Mathew.
Which Tree Jesus Cursed that it will not bear fruits Fig Orange Apple Plum.
How many sikay (Mites) did Widow gave to Temple 2 0 1 4.
For what occasion did jesus find a room for himself and his disciples Passover Feast Death Party Anointment.
How many chapters does Gospel of Mark has? 16 15 14 13.
Symbol of Gospel of Mark is Lion Eagele Lamb Sheep.
Gospel of Mark is written for Church of Rome Jews Churches in Asia Churches in Europe.
Which prophet name is mentioned first in the Gospel of Mark Isaiah Daniel Hosea Jeremaiah.
In Whose house JESUS had dinner with sinners and tax collectors Levi Peter Judas Zakius.
On What day Disciples pluck the Corns Sabbath Sunday Day of Passover Day of Pentecost.
According to the Gospel of Mark which sin is unforgiveable Sin against Holy Spirit Greed Theft Murder.
Where was Jesus when he taugh Parable of Sower On the Boat On the Mountain In the Temple in the house.
Whose Daughter was raised from the dead Jairus Zakkius Nicodemus Pilot.
What did 12 Disciple allowed to take with them? Sandal and Staaf Money and Food Money and Clothes Clothes and Food.
Jesus fed 5000 people with how many fishes 2 5 7 1.
Jesus fed 5000 people with how many breads 2 5 7 1.
Jesus told to take what when to follow him? The Cross Food Money Bed.
Who appeared to Jesus on the mountain? Elijah and Moses Saul and David Samuel and David Nathan and Moses.
What is easier for Camel to go through then a richman Eye of Needle Gates of Jerusleum Ears of Corn A thimble.
What did Jesus ride when entering in Jerusleum Donkey Bull Horse Camel.
After the Last Supper where did Jesus and Disciples went Garden of Gathsemni Garden of Eden Mount Zion Jerusleum.
In Which Chapter of Parable of Sower can be found 4 5 6 7.
In Which Chapter of Mark Parable of Sower can be found 4 5 6 7.
In Which Chapter of 'Raising the Daughter of Jairus' can be found 6 4 5 7.
In Which Chapter of Feeding of 5000 People can be found 6 4 5 7.
Who pulled the Sword to saved Jesus from the army Peter Judas John Simon.
In which chapter can you find John the Baptist and his calling 1 2 3 4.
Why people come to John the Baptist for Baptism and Forrgiveness of Sins For getting healing For reading bible.
What John the baptist use to eat? Jungli Tiddian aur Shehad Mutton Beaf Glutton.
What John the Baptist use to wear? Clothes of Leather (Chamra) of Camel Clothes of Linnen Clothes of Silk Clothes of Canvas.
John say one who will come after me will baptize with Holy Spirit Water Salt Oil.
John said that he is worthy to Open laces of His Shoes Oil His head Baptize Him.
Holy Spirit came in which shape of which animal Dove or Peogeon Eagle Lion Tiger.
In which river Jesus got baptism River Jordan or Yardan River Nile River Caspian River Farat.
Holy Spirit took Jesus to Wilderness or Bayabaan Temple Jerusluem Judea.
Who Tempted Jesus in Wilderness Satan God Gabriel Angels.
For how many days Jesus stayed in Wilderness 40 50 30 20.
Who were the father of James and John Zabdi Peter Zakkius Hulfi.
Who were the first four disciples of Jesus Peter, Andrew, James and John Peter, Andrew, Mathew and John.
In which city Jesus and his four disciples went in First Chapter of Mark Caperniam (Kofernahum) Jerusaluem Jerho.
Whose mother in law was sick and healed by Jesus Simon Andrew James John.
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