Greece and Rome Test

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Greece and Rome Test

Greece and Rome Test

Mrs. Baldwin
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What did people do in both Greece and Rome? farm on hillsides mosaics build the Parthenon build arches and aquaducts.
What was direct democracy in Ancient Greece? everyone voted everyone except women made the rules and laws everyone voted for a smaller group of citizens to make the rules and laws every woman made the rules and laws.
What is representative democracy? government in Rome Republican democracy a smaller group makes the rules and laws for everyone All of the above.
What is the act of giving or doing something? adaptation environment contribution democracy.
Ancient Greece's _________________ to games and sports was the Olympics. democracy contribution shipbuilding vacation.
What style of architecture came from ancient Greece? columns arches aqueducts The Colosseum.
What style of architecture came from ancient Rome? The Parthenon and the Acropolis arches and aqueducts columns and shipbuilding The White House.
Ancient Greece was located on a peninsula surrounded by the ______________________ . Mediterranean Sea river Pacific Ocean trees.
How did people in Rome and Greece adapt to their environment? They farmed on hillsides. They made representative democracy. They farmed on the peninsula. They voted to make laws.
How else did people in Rome and Greece adapt to their environment? They traded with people in the Mediterranean Sea. They traded with people on land. They traded with people in the Pacific Ocean. They traded with women only.
Where are Rome and Greece? by the Atlantic Ocean by the Southern Ocean Europe (near Africa) Africa (near Asia).
Both ancient Rome and Greece had ____________ . limited rich soil for farming limited mosaics limited aqueducts limited democracy.
Where are the Parthenon and the Acropolis? Greece Rome Mali Virginia.
Where are the Colosseum and aquaducts? Greece Rome Mali North Africa.
Where is the birthplace of democracy? Greece Rome The United States Vietnam.
What is architecture? designing buildings making laws and rules designing mosaics making democracy.
Why did the Romans and Greeks build ships? They were adapting to their environment. They wanted to trade for things they didn't have. They lived next to the Mediterranean Sea. All of the Above.
What country is this? Italy (Rome) Greece England Spain.
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