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Which recent technology advances have made SAP HANA possible? Faster internet speeds Large and Cheaper memory Multi-core processors Faster disk speeds.
What are key features of SAP HANA ? In-memory database Automatic compression of data Removes the need for cache Combined OLTP and OLAP processing on one platform.
Which are true statements ? SAP HANA runs on Intel x86 and SPARC hardware platforms SAP HANA runs on Unix SAP HANA can be installed only by certified engineers for production purposes Customers can re-use their own certified hardware components in an SAP HANA system SAP HANA is avaiable in the cloud or on premise or a combinantion of both.
What are the four SAP HANA platform services? Processing Services Database Services Application Services Security Services Integration Services.
What is SAP HANA Live? Consumption ready views of operational data that is sourced from SAP Business Suite Tables Out of the box reports that support key business processes Consumption ready views of operational data that is sourced from SAP S/4 HANA tables An annual event where SAP showcases new SAP HANA features.
SAP HANA can be used in which scenarios ? To power Enterprise Suites To replace ABAP As a general purpose database For OEM partners to embed SAP HANA into their applications As a data Warehouse.
SAP HANA uses aggregates to ensure great read performance TRUE FALSE.
How is SAP HANA used as an Accelerator? To reduce the time it takes to develop and deploy an application on SAP HANA To provide a way to vary the speed of SAP HANA in order to reduce resources To improve the speed of data loading to SAP HANA To work alongside a disk based database in order to speed up the read access for existing SAP Applications.
What is the SAP HANA Application Function Library (AFL) ? A repository of ready made business functions Repository of connections that can be used by business functions Repository of ready made predictive algorithms Repository of read to run applications that are powered by SAP HANA.
Where is SDI used? For data cleansing For data transformation For data streaming For data loading.
How many tiers do you usually find in an SAP HANA applications? 1 2 3.
What is XS? A native, lightweight application server An optional engine to handle excessive data loads A data cleasing engine A user interface.
When creating a system connection in SAP HANA Studio, which of these is essential information? A valid user and password Host URL Instance.
You can connect to different SAP HANA systems from within SAP HANA Studio the same User ID must be used in each connection. True False.
What is a perspective? A group of users in a specific SAP HANA role A collection of views in the SAP HANA Studio that are organized by role A list of allowed objects in SAP HANA that can be changed by a particular role A set of security permissions that aligns to a user's view of the data.
What would you find in a package? Information Views Analytic Privileges Procedures Tables.
SAP Web Development Workbench is a Windows application True False.
Who is the primary target audience for SAP Web Development Workbench? Application Developers Administrators Installation engineers Project managers.
Which information views does SAP Web Development Workbench support? Analytical Calculation Attribute.
What are advantages of column store tables? Data footprint is automatically reduced through compression Only the column required are actually loaded to memory Columns can be partitioned Aggregates can be created.
Row store tables are more efficient when there is lots of repeating data values in columns. True False.
To maintain good read performance in a constantly changing database, which two components are used? Column store Memory store Delta storage Main storage.
Why we do still need a persistent layer? To store data that has been unloaded from memory To hold the delta store for newly arrived records To enable full database recovery if we have a power failure To store data that is frequently used.
What are the two storage components used to restore the database in case of power failure Log area Data volume Memory Delta Storage.
What is scale out? Use of standby servers used in the event of hardware failure Use of remote servers to store archived data that is rarely used Use of commodity servers that are used in high volume steaming applications Use of multiple servers to spread processing and improve performance.
SAP HANA security servers include which of the following ? Audit Logging Authentication Encryption Antivirus Protection Authorization.
Why do we model in SAP HANA? To develop, consumption, ready views of business data and push the data intensive processing tasks to SAP HANA.
Which SAP applications does SAP HANA Live support? SAP S/4 HANA SAP ERP SAP Bussiness One SAP CRM.
The virtual data model for SAP S/4 HANA is based on which of these ? ABAP CDS SAP HANA Live ABAP SAP HANA CDS.
How would you most likely the location of an ATM in a visual application that uses SAP HANA spatial processing? Multi-polygon Polygon Line Point.
With fuzzy search, when I enter ', what does SAP HANA return? Words that are closely matched in spelling Words that are closely matched in meaning.
Which open source language do you use to create custom predictive algorithms? R L C++ ABAP.
What are typical characteristics of replication ? Virtualization Transformation Real-time Batch Syncronization.
SAP SLT can be used for real-time replication from SAP and also non SAP sources. True False.
SAP HANA EIM includes which components? SDI SDA SDS SDQ.
What are some of the features of SDA? Automatic data type translation Data cleansing functions Evaluation and execution of push down possibilities Data recovery services due to power outage.
Which are correct statements relating to flat file loading? dThe new table always has a 1:1 mapping between the file and table columns The supported file types for upload are : .csv and .txt When loading new data in a table that already contains data, the new data is appended to the existing data. The import function does not allow the renaming of columns changes to the data type for existing columns.
Which are true statements? SAP HANA Vora replaces Apache Spark SAP HANA Vora requires SAP HANA Platform SAP HANA Vora provides OLAP features to Big Data SAP HANA Vora combines Big Data and enterprise data for analysis.
What are the database query languages used by SAP HANA? ODBC JDBC MDX SQL ABAP.
What is BICS? Business Intelligence Consumer Service - An SAP internal interface used for high performance OLAP connectivity.
Which of these tools must access SAP HANA via the Semantic Layer ? Web Intelligence Analysis Design Studio Excel Dashboards.
In which key areas can we expect there to be improvements when running SAP BW on SAP HANA? Tighter security Data loading performance Superior data quality Reporting performance.
What is the name of the version of SAP BW that was built just for SAP HANA? SAP BW, powered by SAP HANA SAP BW, run by SAP HANA SAP BW, edition for SAP HANA SAP BW, driven by SAP HANA.
What is the Business Function Library? SAP defined reusable building blocks for SAP HANA based applications An interface to allows fine tuning of business logic. A list of published BAPIs that can be called from SAP HANA A dedicated SAP HANA engine optimized for business functions.
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