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1. How many payroll areas are needed for employees that are paid on Thursday but some every week and the others bi-weekly: 2 1 More than 2 None of the above.
2. What infotype does not have BEGDA or ENDA: IT0015 IT0014 & IT0015 IT0014 None of the above.
3. Which of the following modules is used in indirect valuation: ( chose 3 ) TARIF BEGDA PRZNT ARBPL.
4. Which of the following is primary wage type ? Technical Wage Type Statement Wage Type User Wage Type Dialog Wage Type.
5. Which infotypes use indirect valuation? ( chose 3 ) IT0015 None of the above IT0014 IT0008.
6. How do you relate enterprise structure and employee structure to payscale structure ? ( chose 2 ) By grouping personnel subareas to payscale area and payscale type By grouping personnel subareas to payscale group and payscale level By grouping employee subgroup to CAP None of the above.
7. Which indirect valuation module has to be used for variable bonus between 0 – 8% of basic pay ? SUMME SUMME and PRZNT PRZNT TARIF.
8. Bellow is the correct statement in regards with Time Management groupings: ( chose 2 ) Personnel subarea groupings for work schedules, attendance and absence types, substitution type and availability types, attendance and absence counting, time quotas and time recording. Employee subgroup groupings for work schedules, time recording. A personnel area grouping for work schedules is a group of personnel subareas for which in the same work schedule rule apply. This grouping allows you to control whether a work schedule is permitted for personnel areas. If any time management aspect within the personnel subareas is different, then each personnel subarea is assigned to different groupings.
9. Bellow is the correct statement in regards with the use of IT2002: ( chose 2 ) Record planned working times that were not completed. Record completed planned working hours. To record completed working hours with a cost center that deviates from an employee’s master cost center. To record changes to working time.
10. Bellow is the correct statement in regards with maintaining the time data: ( chose 3 ) Personnel Action. Single Screen. Fast Entry. List Screen.
11. Bellow is the correct statement in regards with setting up grouping for primary wage type: ( chose 2 ) Personnel Area. Personnel Subarea. Employee Group. Employee Subgroup.
12. Bellow is the correct statement in regards with Work Schedule: A daily work schedule variant is an alternative version of period work schedule. Public Holiday Class is one of the prerequisite for defining selection rules If a company impose Saturday as working day, both Public Holiday Class and Day Type=1. Breaks taken after a certain number of hours are worked is known as variable breaks.
13. What are the advantage of Process Model: ( chose 3 ) Easily control the execution of programs. Reduce process run time by running serial program. Repeat individual process steps. Can send notification in all circumstances.
14. What is the function of the (personal) control record in payroll accounting ?( chose 3 ) It determines the exact dates of the current payroll period. It defines the payroll past retroactive accounting recognition. It establishes the earliest retroactive accounting period per Employee Subgroup. It blocks master data and time data against changes during the course of payroll accounting. It selects personnel numbers for the payroll run.
15. An employee moves to another cost center on October 1, 2005. The employee’s pay also changes on this date. Is it possible to log both of these activities on this date in the system ? Both changes can be entered in the system using Personnel Actions. The changes are then logged as records in the “Actions” infotype (0000). Both changes can be entered in the system using Personnel Actions. The changes are then logged in the system as records in the “Actions” (0000) and “Additional Actions” (0302) infotypes. It is not possible to log several actions in the system with the same start date. If you need to log both actions, the start date of the actions must be different. Both changes can be entered as Personnel Actions. The first action performed is automatically logged in the “Actions” infotype (0000). The second action performed is logged in the “Additional Actions” infotype (0302). This infotype must be maintained manually.
16. A customer would like to be able to evaluate HR master data quickly and flexibly. The structures of evaluation can not yet be specified, however, the standard evaluations are not sufficient. How can SAP R/3 help the customer ? ( chose 2 ) The appropriate evaluations must be programmed using the ABAP Editor (transaction SE38). Without exact specifications for the required evaluations, we can not help customer. The customer could use the Ad Hoc Query functionality which is flexible tool used to create customer evaluations. The customer could use the Screen Painter functionality. This allows the customer to create Master Data evaluations quickly and easy. The customer could use ABAP Query. The customer can then create his or her own evaluation. The customer could use BAPI Editor. This enables the customer to evaluate HR Master Data and Payroll result quickly and easily. .
17. To determine the right access to a specific IT record which of the following items are considered? ( chose 4 ) Access authorization check box of infotypes table T582A Tolerance time set of system switch ADAYS. Validity period of IT record to be accessed. System parameters assign to user who tries to select IT. Authorization check by personnel number.
18. How many Personnel Subrea’s can a Personnel Area have ? 1. Not more than 9. More than 9. 9. None of the above.
19. For which information if PNP used for ? ( chose 2 ) Time Management information. Recruitment information. Personnel Administration. Organization Structure. None of the above.
20. Pre-requisite to import Company Code: Personnel Structure. Personnel Cost Planning. Organizational Management defined structure. Personnel Development evaluation plan. Enterprise Structure.
21. What is the initial data entry required in recruitment when an applicant is assigned ? ( chose 3 ) Advertisement and Unsolicited application. Vacancy. Applicant Group. Applicant range. None of the above.
22. The followings is the correct statement in regards with concept of Organization Management : ( chose 2 ) There are basic object types including: O, S, P, T, C. You may have many plan versions and set one to be active by using PLOGI PLOGI parameter group of table T77S0. The relationship between job and positions objects is controlled in Time Constraint 3. A position may only have one vacancy infotype at a time. This is controlled in Time Constraint 1.
23. In Organization and Staffing Interface, the characteristics are maintained in : Search area. Selection area. Detail area. Object Manager.
24. Main screen areas maintained in Expert Mode include : ( chose 2 ) teste Staff Assignments. Organizational Plan. Overall View. Task Assignment. HR View.
25. Below is the correct statement in regards with Plan Version : ( chose 2 ) Allows you to create several organizational plans in the system at the same time. You may have many Plan Versions represents the active organizational plan, and is flagged as the active integration plan version. The Plan Versions can be created as copies of the original plan. Plan Versions exist independently of each other. None of the above.
26. Which objects are cross modules : ( chose 3 ) Company code. Personnel area. Cost center. Personnel Subarea. Business area.
27. Below is the correct statement in regards with Day Type definition : Blank: Day on which an employee does not work, but is still paid. Day on which an employee does not work and is also not paid. Special day on which an employee does not work and is paid according to payroll rules. Half-day holiday. None of the above.
28. Below is the correct definition in grouping the Employee Subgroup in a Collective Agreement Provision : ( ch 3 ) Payscale employee/monthly wage. Pay scale employee/hourly wage. payments (public service sector Germany) Salaried employee.
29. You store the counting rules for attendances and absences to determine payroll days and hours. In counting rules, you need to define the following: ( chose 4 ) Conditions for current day. Conditions for work schedule. Absence quotas. Quota multipliers and rounding rules. Conditions for planned hours.
30. There are methods to automatically accrue time-off credits : ( chose 3 ) Absence quotas. QUOMO. RPTQTA00. RPTIME00. None of the above.
31. What are the pre requisites for MDT? ( chose 3 ) Should have maintained an Org Structure Should have created Chief Positions in the organizations Should have assigned a position to the Chief Communications Infotype 0105. .
32. What is true to Time constraints ? ( chose 2 ) Time constraint 1 – Can have two records at one time Time constraints control the validity date of the infotypes Time constraint 1- If two records are entered, system deletes/ delimits the earlier record validity period Time constraint 2- Can have gaps in between. But system extends the validity period of the previous record.
33. TMW Profile consists of ( chose 2 ) Definition Time data ID Sets Definition Time data ID Subsets Multiple employee selection option Intuitive navigation options Data set Subset.
34. A and B have work Schedule but follow different Public Holiday Calendar what are the necessary settings you can make with regards to this? ( chose 2 ) Have same WS Groupings Have Same WS Groupings but have different period work Schedule and Daily Work Schedule Create Different WS Groupings and have Same PWS and DWS Create Different Holiday Calendars and Same WS Groupings but Same PWS and DWS.
35. What are subsequent Quota Generation rules ( chose 5 ) Base entitlement Accrual period Accrual entitlement Reduction rules Rounding rules Deduction rules Counting class.
36. If Personnel subarea A & B has same work schedules but diff holiday calendar then what will you do ( Question language was different however meaning was the same) ( chose 2 ) Have same WS groupings for both PSA Have diff holiday calendar assigned to WSRule but with same DWS & WS groups Have same DWS groups for both but have different PWS for both Have diff ESG group for both PSA.
37. What are the options for employees to enter their absences? ( chose 2 ) CATS ESS Time recording Machines TMW.
38. Which of the following applies to a feature in SAP HR? ( chose 3 ) It is used to valuate wage types It controls system processes It controls batch processing It defaults values based on certain criteria. It can be accessed by transaction code PE03.
39. A client ( chose 2 ) may represents a completely an independent business entity in a group of Enterprise has it own database may represent an entire company.
40. A personnel Subarea ( chose 2 ) contains control features of the company structure is a self contained unit within the system in legal and organizational terms is a unit whose balance sheet is created.
41. Structures in HR ( chose 3 ) Organizational Plan Enterprise Structure Personnel Structure Organizational Structure.
42. The personnel actions: Used to implement several infotypes at the same time Used to execute a pre-defined sequence of infotypes All personnel actions must be assigned a STATUS value.
43. Following groupings are done at Personnel Sub Area: ( chose 2 ) Time Management & Payroll Appraisals & Training Programs Cost Planning & Compensation Management.
44. Following Options are available to employees to record their own time in SAP: ( chose 2 ) TMW ESS CATS Infotype Maintenance – PA61.
45. Which of the following are Applicant Actions affects Overall status of applicant in the process: Transfer Applicant Data Reject Applicant Schedule Interview Appointment To be Hired.
46. There are two groups of Workers paid weekly & biweekly period and their pay day is on respective Thursdays. Half of the Biweekly paid workers are paid on subsequent Thursday after a week long gap. How many payroll areas are required 0 1 2 3.
47. In TMW, Time events can be recorded in: Single day view Multi-day view One person view Multi-person view.
48. In defining a Quota Deduction Rule, following parameters are used to set priorities: ( chose 2 ) Deduction Interval Quota Interval Reduction Rule Earliest Accrual Period.
49. While generating work schedule, following inputs are selected: ( chose 3 ) Public holidays Public holiday calendar WS rule Enterprise structure and personnel structure groupings for TM.
50. In TMW, Time data id’s are created for: each definition set each subset each profile each administrator.
51. Administrator A is to maintain all details of Organization. But for directors who are in a separate ESG, Company wants one more person for monitoring salaries This can not be done This can be done using Authorization Level Coding This can be done using Structural Authorizations only.
52. The user has expressed his desire to create queries based on his needs on all HR master data create infosets using PNPCE create infosets using PCH create infosets using PAP.
53. The user has expressed his desire to create his own query on the employees personnel data and their qualifications. create infosets using PNPCE create infosets using PCH create infosets using PAP.
54. Tasks can be assigned related to the following objects in OM ( chose 3 ) Org Unit and Work center Position Person Job.
55. Which is true for OM ( chose 3 ) Object type for job is ‘S’ There can be several jobs exist in an organization Positions can be partially filled Positions can be linked to Work Center.
56. Following Search options available in Object Manager for users ( chose 3 ) Free Search Search Term Structure Search Infotype Search.
57. Infotypes that are relevant to default data from OM & PA ( chose 2 ) 1008 – act assignment 1011 – work schedule 1013 – Personnel Structure. 1027 – master cost center .
58. In Expert Mode ( chose 4 ) All objects characteristics can be created in all statuses Objects can be created without maintaining relationship Flag ‘S’ as Vacant/Obsolete in future date System creates certain relationship records between objects Objects Hierarchy and its relationships can be displayed.
59. In simple maintenance one of these is not possible create O,C,S assign P to S, Chief assign K, cost distribution inherit attributes from parents triggering personnel action.
60. ABC organization has one office in Mumbai the other is at Delhi. Both follow the same work schedule, however there is a difference in the public holiday taken Create one PWS with 2 public holiday calendars Create two PWS with 1 public holiday calendars Create one PWS with each with one public holiday calendars.
61. In ABC client, for an employee ‘John’ retroactive accounting has to be triggered in Payroll accounting. The user can do this by Change in ERA period in Payroll control record Create New Payroll Area and run Payroll Specifying in the Payroll status Infotype (0003) Force Retroactive accounting while running Payroll process.
62. ABC organization has decided to monitor only deviation from the normal work schedule as defined and referenced in Infotype planned working time (0007). In the IMG you will configure following time types to collect data from ..... ( chose 2 ) Leaves Attendance Overtime Availability for duty.
63. ABC organization follows a different set of public holidays in its branches at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. All Salaried employees work from 9am-5.30pm with 2 paid breaks. They get a total of 30 days leave. All hourly paid people work in shifts from 7am-16pm and 2pm-10pm. They get a total of 30 days leave. Following statement is true: Generate 6 Absence Quotas: one for each subgroup in each location Generate only 1 absence quota with 1 subgroup grouping Generate 2 Absence quotas one for Salaried and the other for Hourly None of the above.
64. During payroll process there has been an error for one employee. Payroll administrator would like to find the incorrect employee information ( chose 2 ) The payroll administrator can view the incorrect employee in payroll control record It is reflected in the payroll status Infotype also The administrator can exit from the payroll area, make correction and re-run the payroll process All of the above.
65. Absences and attendance deviations can be recorded using: ( chose 3 ) TMW ESS HR PDC CATS Internet Time Sheet.
66. Counting Rule has the following assignments Reduction Rule – Deduction Rule – Rounding Rule Absence type - Reduction Rule – Rounding Rule Absence type - Rounding Rule – Deduction Rule Rounding Rule – Reduction Rule – Selection Rule.
67. Time Management is integrated with the following other modules ( chose 3 ) FICO Material Management Project Systems Organization Management.
68. In MSS, manager can perform the following tasks: ( chose 2 ) Create Organization plans All approvals related to own organization unit and employees Objective setting appraisals for won employees Shift planning for entire enterprise.
69. In SAP ESS component, employees can make use the following processes: ( chose 2 ) change of shift plan and quotas leave requests and time recording generate remuneration statements perform payroll process.
70. Instructions on how to perform time evaluation runs, payroll process and payroll result evaluations and defines the sequence of these instructions using different calc. rules is defined in: Schemas ABAP program Features Personnel Calculation Rules.
71. ABC organization has decided that leave entitlements will be accrued to the employees based on the working hours recorded in Infotype 2002. How do you reference this in planned working time in 0007 and quota generation process ( chose 2 ) Record all time using time evaluation status to 1, maintaining Time Recording info (0050). Use schemas TM04 Record all time using time evaluation status to 1, maintaining Time Recording info (0050). Use schemas TM00 To accrue quota use RPTIME00, group all relevant ESG’s and PSA’s together To accrue quota use RPTQTA00, group all relevant ESG’s and PSA’s together.
72. To generate work schedule, period work schedule is referenced in Infotype 0007 Infotype 0008 Work Schedule rule Work Schedule.
73. In which of the following scenarios, DWS variant can be defined? ( chose 2 ) Reduced working hours before Public Holidays or Weekly Offs. Flexi Timings on all work days as part of Regular Work Schedule Employees worked on Holidays of OFF days and whether paid or not Employees working in Rotating Shifts as per shift plan.
74. The payroll administrator has started execution of payroll area P1. Employee ‘John’ has been assigned to this payroll area. There has been a decision to change the department of John which follows a different work schedule. The personnel administrator wants to use the PA30 to change: While executing PA30 the personnel administrator will get information that payroll is being executed. Since the change is not payroll related data he can incorporate change in planned working time (0007) Since it is an org. reassignment he should access transaction Action “PA40” and change 0001 and 0007 accordingly No changes can be made in this regard.
75. ABC organization is head quartered in Bangalore. They follow a work schedule of 40 hours per week. The Delhi and Mumbai office follow a 36 hour per week. Some of the Employees in Mumbai come in rotating shift and they work 48 hrs/week. Create work schedule rule for Bangalore office and copy the work schedule rule for other locations by changing weekly working hrs Create new DWS, PWS & WS Rules separately as weekly working hrs are different Group all locations into 2 groupings, create respective DWS’s and group them into 2 PWS for Regular Shift & Rotating Shift employees in all location and finally use ESG groupings for different Work Schedule rules referring to different weekly working hrs One grouping is sufficient to take care in customization and weekly working hours can be overwritten in 0007 for each employee while assigning work schedule rule Create 3 work schedule rules on for Bangalore, 2nd for Mumbai and Delhi – regular, and 3rd for Mumbai rotating shift with respective DWS/Period Work Schedules.
76. You have been requested to configure the PAYROLL process in ABC organization. But they have not implemented the HR functionalities – TIME Management and ORG Management except Basic Master data. But some of the employee pay is subject to deduction against work times, where TIME is maintained in Legacy System. How do you set up this requirement in SAP? Information of Time Wage type i.e. Work Schedule, Time Infotypes etc. are uploaded directly into Payroll component and other payroll related information maintained in PA. Implementating payroll is not possible without implementing Time & OM As Time Evaluation Process is MUST, basic Time functionalities must be implemented to implement payroll process requirement Implement Basic PA module and needs ABAP development completely to handle payroll process.
77. During Business blueprint phase in solution manager you can make use of the following ( chose 2 ) pre-defined test packages Sample Templates and Guidelines pre-defined solutions Business configuration sets.
78. The user would like a customized report on appraisals and qualifications objects. Recommend a logical database PCH PNPCE PAP.
79. Vacancy for a position can be created by: ( chose 3 ) Default settings in Customizing so that all positions can be made as vacant By maintaining Infotype 1007 for each position in Expert mode By delimiting the status recode of ‘S’ while Hiring person in PA By delimiting the person on leaving.
80. To use Applicant Authorization object, which of the following switch to be activated: PLOGI APPL PLOGI ORGA PLOGI NNNNN None of the above.
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