Homework 125

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Homework 125

Assessment 125

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Which of the following is a function of the performance document? Choose the correct answer lt allows you to compare planned and actual times objectively. It enables you to calculate the number of employees required far a workload. lt provides an overview of the technical performance of the EWM system It allows you to perform employee-related evaluations of tasks. .
Which of the following statements are true of Labor Management activation? Choose the correct answers. Interna! process steps and externa! process steps are handled completely separately. When interna! process steps are activated, their related externa! process steps are activated automatically. Processor records are created in resource management far all relevant warehouse employees. Externa! process steps that are not needed far Labor Management must remain activated. .
Stock removal, physical inventory, and replenishment are examples of which of the following in the context of EWM? Choose the correct answer. Employee roles Preprocessing activities Warehouse process categories Preprocessing workloads .
Which of the following are predefined networks used for travel distance calculation? Choose the correct answers. Employee-specific networks Storage type-specific networks Global networks Execution networks .
Which of the following are examples of indirect labor tasks? Choose the correct answers. Inventory counting Housekeeping Lunch breaks Cleaning Meeting Picking.
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