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Homework 9.5

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What does SAP EWM use to determine a wave Template Condition Technique Wave Capacity Profile Wave release method Warehouse order creation rule.
To which object do you assign the storage process to use it in a goods receipt process Internal process step Warehouse process type Inbound delivery type External process step.
Which of the following objects is assigned to a wave Outbound delivery request item Warehouse request item Warehouse resource Outbound delivery order header.
How do you deploy SAP EWM to achieve optimal system performance and maintenance benefits As an add-on to an SAP Suppy Chain Management application As an add-on to an SAP ERP system instance As a standalone application SAP EWM deployment type has NO effect on system performance and maintenance benefits.
Which of the following documents is also a warehouse request in SAP EWM ? SAP EWM warehouse task SAP EWM outbound delivery SAP EWM outbound delivery order SAP EWM outbound delivery request.
Which quality management activities are performed during inbound processing Counting Recurring inspection Sample size maintenance Quality inspection.
Which staging methods are available in delivery-based production integration?. Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Pick parts Single order staging Release order parts Cross order staging.
Your customer requires each product to be stored in its own preassigned place in the warehouse. Which putaway strategy meets this requirement? Addition to existing stock Empty storage bin Manual entry Fixed storage bin.
Your customer wants to use batches with SAP EWM. At which level can you activate batch management in SAP ERP?. Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. Warehouse number level Storage location level Plant level Client level.
What is required to move a transportation unit with a warehouse task within the yard Assignment to a door Vehicle Yard management Parking space.
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