House of Anubis

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House of Anubis

how well do you know the show!


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What's the main character's name? Patricia Nina Joy Amber.
WHO IS IN LOVE WITH WHO? (there are some that have two people) Fabian Mick Alfie.
How many kids live in Anubis house? 5 7 9 8 6.
What does Nina have to do for her ''welcoming ceremony''? Go up to the attic and bring something back from there Steal the keys from Victor Go up into the attic and just come back down Nothing Kiss Fabian .
What is the name of the woman that ''used to live'' in Anubis house? (She gives Nina her necklace) Emily Sarah Some people think Emily but she says its Sarah Joy.
Who writes a message in the bathroom mirror that says: ''HELP ME! JOY''? Joy Alfie Nina Amber Fabian.
What does Nina bring back from the attic?.
Do you like the show? YEA!! NAHH! A LITTLE BIT....
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